Kingdom Leaks: 20+ Best Alternatives For 2021

Kingdom Leaks

Music is an escape for us all. We all switch to music whenever we feel relaxed and rejuvenated. We all use platforms like Kingdom Leaks to get unlimited and free music as music therapy is a great option when you want to relieve tension and anxiety or find some peace of mind.

Kingdom Leaks was one of the most popular music piracy websites that allowed its users to download their favourite music albums, tracks and audio files without any hassle and in an easy manner. Kingdom Leaks used to have all the latest artist albums and tracks in its library.

But the website has shut its operations after providing services for seven years. Now the users are eager to find alternatives to the websites so that their supply of free and latest music doesn’t run dry. In this blog, we have bought you some of the very famous alternatives of Kingdom Leaks that will cater to your free music needs. But these websites, similar to Kingdom Leaks, are illegal and unaccredited. 

So, read the complete article to find out some of the best alternatives for downloading the latest music from the vast libraries of these websites but first of all, let us learn more about Kingdom Leaks.

What is Kingdom Leaks?

Kingdom Leaks was one of the greatest music-only websites you’ll ever come across. Kingdom Leaks was run by a man named Master Leaker Slade. "Back in the summer of 2013, I had this crazy idea of having the one location where individuals of all types of musical preferences and backgrounds could come together and just talk about excellent tunes," he says about the website. With this aim as our basis, Kingdom Leaks soon grew to become one of the greatest leak sites on the internet, powered by a passionate user base and maintained by personnel with a genuine passion for music. 

Unfortunately, the website got shut down on January 1, 2021. The site informed that the reason for the closing down is not any legal pressure but the creators and people who were running the site had no time to keep it going.

This has led people to search regressively for alternatives to Kingdom Leaks to keep their music needs fulfilled.

20+ Best Alternatives of Kingdom Leaks

1- Has it leaked 

The site is the best alternative to Kingdom Leaks and also has a wide range of music collection in its libraries. Stay updated on album downloads, leaks, streams and releases. music news like no other site.

2- Soulseek

Soulseek is a file-sharing network and programme that works on a peer-to-peer basis. One of the two networks, or one of the three official user client interfaces, may be referred to as Soulseek. Although users may share a range of files, Soulseek is mostly used to share music tracks and albums.

3- New Album Releases

Another excellent resource for direct download websites to download music and whole albums. This is one of the great alternatives for Kingdom Leaks as it has all the latest album releases and the downloading process is really easy and smooth.

4- KickAss Torrent

If you're looking for free indie music, this torrent website has you covered with the latest tracks and releases and a simplified downloading process.

5- 1337X

One of the most modern-looking torrent sites is 1337x. When you search for a song or album, a list of torrents related to that piece of music will appear.

6- DirtyTorrents

Dirty Torrents is one of the few music torrent sites that also offer other stuff, such as movies, television series, games, software, etc. It is among the good alternatives of Kingdom Leaks that will keep your music supply going.

7- Torlock

Torlock has a diverse selection of music from various genres, which is part of the site's vast 5 million torrents.

8- Rutracker.Org has quickly grown to become one of the largest and most popular music torrenting sites. The site currently has over 13.6 million registered users. The site includes a massive music torrent collection, ranging from the most recent EDM and dance music to ancient classics and heavy metal. 

9- TorrentFunk 

TorrentFunk distinguishes itself from other music torrent sites by providing user evaluations and verified status for all of its music files. It is a very good alternative to use after Kingdom Leaks.

10- Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay, one of the oldest players in the torrenting industry in terms of a range of torrent genres, is still a great place to go for music torrents. If it doesn't work, here are other options.


The difference in the sound quality offered by this website is unmatchable. Listen to master studio-grade music on the move. hdtracks is a Kingdom Leaks alternative and has a high-resolution music portal that allows music fans to download master studio-grade versions of their favourite tracks. Come join us for the greatest listening experience right now!

12- Soundpark

Soundpark is your "go-to" music torrent site for finding and downloading your favourite tracks, remixes, and other music. Soundpark has everything, whether you're looking for vintage oldies, heavy metal, rhythm & blues, pop, house music, or EDM. 


It is an alternative website for Kingdom Leaks. Download/stream free mixtapes and music videos from your favourite hip-hop/rap and r&b artists at

14- is a curated music station for folks who want to listen to music that isn't mainstream. News, reviews, forums, articles, and comments are all available here. Jason Tate created the company.


Are you looking for fantastic music with even more features? RARBG could be the right fit for you. This Bulgarian torrent website is one of the oldest, and it has garnered a devoted fan base over the years because of its fantastic features and large content bank.

16- getrockmusic

getrockmusic is an amazing alternative to Kingdom Leaks and is the best site to download the free music releases. 

17- Music-Torrent.Net is the most basic and visually appealing of all the sites just like Kingdom Leaks. Its simplicity is what makes it so beautiful. Large album cover thumbnails make it simple for any user to find their favourite artists. The navigation panel is well coordinated with various music genres.

18- Mix Tape torrent 

Mix Tape torrent is the place to go if you're looking for DJ tracks and remixes. It contains a large selection of various DJ songs that will shake your ears and elevate your spirits. You must create an account on the website before you can begin downloading. The website is completely clutter-free, with material that is nicely organised.

Some Legal Alternatives of Kingdom Leaks

Websites like Kingdom Leaks and its above-mentioned alternatives are illegal and downloading music from these sites can have consequences. Here are some other alternatives that are safe and legal:

1- SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a famous music streaming service that also allows you to download tracks for free. It is also regarded as the greatest Spotify alternative for getting free internet music.

2- SoundClick

SoundClick is the finest source to get music straight from artists' websites. Several musicians on the site are giving away their songs for free. You may also legally purchase or download licenced tracks.

3- CCTrax

Because the songs on CCTrax are available as Creative Commons music, downloading music from this site is both free and secure. The website is well-designed, and you may search for music by licence, genre, label, or artist.

4- Audiomack

Audiomack is a new music sharing site with a simple user interface, making it the finest Kingdom Leaks replacement. This free music download website serves as a central location for musicians, labels, and music fans to find new music.

Final Words

Since Kingdom Leaks is no longer functioning, the above-mentioned alternatives will help you continue your passion for music and will provide you with the greatest music tracks and albums with ease. Although these websites are very popular, you should be careful while downloading music from websites like Kingdom Leaks as piracy is a crime. Techtoreview does not encourage the piracy of content in any manner.


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