How To Turn Your Smartphone into A Portable Mini Home Cinema To Watch Movies, TV Shows And All

Portable Mini Cinema Hall

The days are gone when setting up a complete home entertainment or mini cinema could add thousands of extra dollars to your budget. Hardware, albums, screening, projectors and probably other individual media tools, it was tough to choose the right peripherals that could turn your home into a movie complex for a while. 

These days, when everyone is locked in their bedroom with nothing much to do, setting up portable home cinema sounds exciting. However, people are bound to spend the whole day sitting on a sofa with TV, Laptop, Games, and many other things look almost dead and boring. 

Well, if you’re planning to change the way you have fun and entertain at home, then you will get thousands of fun at home ideas in one search on the search engine, but they might exceed your budget and sometimes irrelevant to your setup and home interior. However, with a smartphone in everyone’s hands, it’s better to plan something big and entertaining with your mobile phone. No! We are not talking about those Esports and Netflix. There are many other ways to entertain at home, and if you want to stick with your couch, games and TV then why not in a better way. 

You can turn your living into a portable multiplex simply using your smartphone. With a big screen and clear surrounding sound quality, it would enhance your mobile experience as well. Here’s how to turn your smartphone into a portable mini home cinema and probably the best thing you can do with your mobile phone at home. Let’s go through the go-to-go home cinema setup guide.

1. Play Around Screen Settings

Of course, there is no comparison of your phone’s screen quality with your LCD screen or a movie complex, but there is a fact as well. Your smartphone’s screen has an amazing screen refresh rate that makes mobile screens better than many LCD screens in the market. Though you are unable to find this quality because your phone stays close to your eyes, there are some ways to remove this gap.

There are so many latest smartphones in the market, with amazing features including camera quality and high end screen. You will easily find advanced screen options in these latest smartphones as so far you will realize that default screen settings are always not a good choice. Though mobile companies have their own reasons behind this such as better battery and mobile life, but you cannot let this be an interruption in your entertainment. 

And, of course, you don’t need a super advanced and high resolution display if you are just scrolling Instagram or Facebook feed. But, as of now, you are setting up a mini home cinema, so the best will only work here.

You can change your screen settings, but dive into the main settings of your phone. Play around the features available there and doing this can enhance the refresh rate and introduce new color options that would be pleasing to your eyes. You can connect your LCD through a wireless network with your smartphone if you can.

2. Sound is What Defines a Cinema

Of course, we are not living in the 18th century where the movies were soundless and people were pretty happy to watch those silent movies. Anyways, audio is undoubtedly an integral part in the making of cinema through your smartphone. There is no other way to remove it from the list nor can we, because excellent and poor this is the only difference between TV and Cinema. 

Though most headphones and smartphones itself have inbuilt Dolby Atmos speakers. Because it’s all about quality and experience this is what more and more people are opting for quality headphones, especially dedicated gamers. 

If your phone doesn’t have these features then we would recommend you to use an additional audio setup to enhance your experience that is all about the audio quality. You can try wireless speakers to connect through Bluetooth. Although earbuds are probably the best way to experience high-quality, detailed and surrounding sound, you better go with high-quality speakers for longer entertainment.

3. Setting Up Your Space

No need to add this on the list because, of course, you wouldn’t like to experience an open-theater with your beloved. Your experience can be too good or worse as it all depends on your viewing environment. There are so many things that you can do to enhance your experience and here’s how to set up a perfect cinema space at home.

It would be a great idea if you close all the curtains and maintain total darkness in your room and mood lighting can add an additional star to your entertainment. Pack your room properly because you haven’t experienced any additional sound in cinema halls. That’s your private home cum theater ready, but wait for the last thing.

4. Selection of Content

There are plenty of online streaming apps in the market, but finding out the best one is an individual choice. Streaming networks like Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, Reddit, and Amazon Prime can give you access to some of the most popular and trending TV shows, Web series and whatever you would binge watch on your personal screen. You can try Netflix Party to watch your favorite movies with your friends while staying at home. Here is how to use netflix party

You can now watch your favorite movie, TV shows, Web series and play games on the big screen just to enhance your experience. This easy home cinema will stretch your entertainment and make your quarantine days wonderful. If you are not happy with the small screen of your mobile phone, then you can try something new by connecting your phone to your TV. It would be great to play games on the big screen just like a pro. 

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