How To Kick People Off Your Wi-Fi With These Simple Tricks

how to kick people off your wifi

Struggling with weak networks of your Wi-Fi? This problem might trouble you when so many unwelcome guests use your Wi-Fi connection. But how to kick people off your Wi-Fi? If this was that you were looking for, then you’re no longer away from the effective ways to kick people from your Wi-Fi. 

Here are some of the best methods to disconnect someone from your Wi-Fi. We have shortlisted some proven ways which are easy to use and effective. Before we start with the options on how to kick someone off their internet, let’s discuss the reasons that compel you to do this. 

Downsides Of Sharing Wifi Password 

Well, people are often asked to share their Wi-Fi password and most of us usually share without caring about anything. But they later realize the downsides of sharing a Wi-Fi password with their friends, family members, and even neighbors. These are the downsides of sharing a Wi-Fi password when you eagerly look for a way to keep your passwords secret. 

  • Slow bandwidth and internet
  • Hackers can control your internet and networks

  • Your friends are secretly downloading illegal torrents 

  • Bandwidth exceeding FUP limits & resulting in plans updates

  • When you request numerous times and nobody is listening. 

Either aforementioned are the case or any other, kicking off multiple Wi-Fi users from your internet connection is simpler than urging them to stop using it. Let’s check out the options for how to disconnect someone with your Wi-Fi. 

Check Ultimate Ways For How To Remove Devices From Wi-Fi Router

1. Change Your Wi-Fi Password

The easiest and most secure method to stop sharing your wifi networks with others is changing your password. But let’s be honest with you, if you have multiple devices, reconnecting them with a new password will be a pain. But believe us, the only easiest and foolproof method is to change your Wi-Fi password, and for more security, you should occasionally change it. 

2. Use MAC Address Filtering On Your Router

Some routers are backed with the controlling power of the feature that can manage the selection of the devices that are allowed to connect. Some routers let you ban some of the MAC addresses from connecting. And of them allow you to set the whitelist of the approved devices and protect other devices from connecting in the future. But not all routers have this option. Even if, when you change it, it is not entirely secure. Someone with your Wi-Fi password could change their device MAC’s address to match an approved device.    

3. Use the Guest Network In The Place

If you’re giving a guest access to a yourWi-Fi network, you can make this process much easier by setting up a guest Wi-Fi network on your router. What guest network is the separate access to the internet network. Every network name this network with a different name, most routers calling this feature “Guest Network”, whereas some define it by the name “Guest Access”. This network can have entirely a separate password without changing your primary network password and also kick your own devices. This could be another best way for How to remove the device from the Wi-Fi router. 

4. Resetting Your Router

If nothing could be possible among the above-mentioned methods, resetting your router is another easiest and effective trick. If you’re struggling with how to kick someone off your Wi-Fi with Android or iPhone, this could be a responsive way to do this. If you don't know how to reset your router, follow the steps we have dished out for you. 

  • Disconnect your router from your modem.

  • Now go to the reset button. (you’ll find it at the back of the modem)

  • Press and hold the “Reset” button for 30 seconds.

  • Wait for your router to turn back on.

  • Next, plug your router back into the modem. 

  • Now again connect the wireless networks.

  • When you connect the device with your router again, it would typically ask to enter the new network. 

This method can help you in case you are looking for how to kick someone off your Wi-Fi with the iPhone. 

So there you have few options to kick people off your Wi-Fi. With these simple steps, you can discontinue the networks that have been used by your friends, family, and neighbors for a long time. If you have any doubts about these options, let us know in the comment section. 


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