Running Out Of Mobile Data? Here’s How To Hack WiFi Password Easily With Your Phone

How To Hack WiFi Password

Gone are the days when having a WiFi connection at home used to be a symbol of prestige. And, so far the same goes with landline, television, radio, and even a creepy junior 1952 model desktop could make a difference. We have left so many things in the past to reach this age of technology where nothing is impossible if it goes through the internet cables. Be it a bank account or Netflix password, whether it is your laptop credentials or WiFi password, everything is hackable in this information age. 

And, you are more likely to connect with a free Wi-Fi network in this age than ever before. But not all the wireless networks are open. It’s rare to find open WiFi networks elsewhere than public places like railway stations and airports or in the premises of giant tech companies. 

There is a huge network of WiFi in this world, but the problem is, if there is a WPA/WPA2 security activated, then you won’t be able to get access to that network. And we all know the neighbour's, habbit they may have unlimited data and no cap limit of sharing, but still you are not more than just a neighbour seeking for free WiFi Access. 

There are various reasons why you here to learn ‘how to hack WiFi password’ perhaps you have forgotten the password on your own network, or share a society with neighbours not willing to share their password. See, you cannot just move to a cafe, buy a latte for $2 and all this just for using a free WiFi. No, you cannot be dumb like this. Let us make it simple because your destiny cannot be in your favor all the time and it’s not possible that you will get a free Wi-Fi network everywhere you go. 

Though you can download an app like WiFi Map on your android and iOS mobile phone and you will get access to over 2 million hotspots with their open WiFi networks, but only if any of the 7 million app users have shared them. This method to get free internet is pretty boring and unpredicted too. However, there are millions of other ways to get free access to even WPA secured Wi-Fi networks. If you cannot wait or the cafe idea doesn’t seem to work then here are some advanced ways to hack a WiFi easily.


Hack a WiFi password using PASS WIFI

PASS WIFI is the only application for computer and mobile (iOS & Android) to hack a WiFi password. It’s very easy to get a password thanks to PASS WIFI. Indeed, you only run the application near the WiFi network you want to hack and it will display you the name of the wireless connection with its decrypted password (WEP, WPA, WPA3 or WP2).

The way it works is very simple. PASS WIFI hacks the communication protocols through a global and refined analysis of the connections. In other words, it catchs the waves and act like a connection request to extract the password of the router.


Once you have installed PASS WIFI, execute the application near the WiFi network you want to hack and it will display you the password on your screen.

Click this link to download PASS WIFI:


Use Windows Commands To Get The Key

Have you ever forgotten your WiFi password and tried to recover it? If yes, then this is the way your internet provider reset your Wi-Fi password also known as security key. Though there are various types of routers in the market in which a few have security keys on the backside so that one can easily reset the password in case he forgets. But obviously you are not going to ask your neighbour for showing their router. Nobody is that dumb. Therefore, this trick enters the ground. But this only works if you have forgotten a previously used password. So, if your neighbour shared his WiFi password before and changed later then you can get that back or crash the new password using this WiFi hack trick.

If your windows 8 or 10 acquired laptop was once attached to that WiFi network then there would be a profile of every network you have attached previously. Usually people don’t forget the last network and connect to another network whenever they get a new password and due to this habit you can still reconnect to those networks.

To use this method, go to ‘Windows Command Prompt’ with administrative authorities. Now search for “CMD” using Cortana and the option of the command prompt will pop up in the menu. Right-click on the option and select “Run as Administrator.” Doing this will open into a black & white world of coding language — it will be a line starting with a > at the last, or probably coded like this C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32>.A cursor will start blinking whenever you will start typing and following chart will be there on the screen




This section will redirect to a section called user profile — these are all the networks you have been connected previously. Choose the one that is still active in your neighbourhood, highlight it, copy and paste below, type the same, but replace the code ‘Xs’ with the network you want to get access for: replace space with ‘?’. Here is how.

Rock wlan show profile name=”XXXXXXX” key=clear

Now look for the security settings in the new data come up ‘key Content’ it would be the WiFi password that you are missing.

If you are using Mac OS then click spotlight search (CMD+Space) and type the terminal address to get access to the Mac equivalent of a command prompt. Use the same method and replace ‘Xs’ with the network address you have copied.

Security find-generic-password-WA “XXXXXX”

This is perhaps the easiest answer for ‘how to hack a WiFi password’. You can go with the following one in case you want an easy way to hack a wireless network.

How to Hack WiFi Password Using Router Reset Method

This is a proven way to hack a WiFi and this is our suggestion that if you are going to reset the router then try to log into the router before resetting. 

There is no way to reset a WiFi router if you don’t have the password. You can only reset a router only if you have the access. This access could either be through the Ethernet cable or wireless. 

If you have the access then just press the reset button and hold it for 10 second. This button will be right there on the backside where the cable connects. You can push it with a pen and hold it for about 10 seconds or less and it will reset all the factory settings of your router and it will be new again. Once you are done with it, then configure the router again using the security key you have accessed earlier. Type this 192.168.1 in the browser search bar while establishing a connection with the WiFi and it would be connected to your phone or laptop again. 

This is how to hack Wi-Fi easily at home. Two of these methods are legal until you have honest intentions of hacking WiFi. We have put down these tricks only for educational purposes and to help you in case you forget your password. If you find an issue in hacking a Wi-Fi then tell us in the comment section.

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