Your AirPods MayBe Disgusting: Here’s How To Clean AirPods At Home

How to Clean AirPods

Can you wear the same outfit day after day without doing laundry? Of course, you wouldn’t, just like you wouldn’t eat in the same dish without washing it. But most people may hover in the air when it comes to their earbuds. 

Spending $150 on a pair of wireless earbuds in a small pie-cake-sized case is, of course, not a small decision. If you settle down for a pair of Apple AirPods you’re going to ensure the good take care of them just like your iPhone, so they’ll last a couple of rounds of iPhone software upgrades. 

Your AirPods may look clean, just like you’ve purchased, regardless of a few marks & filth. But, according to a report published in the Online Journal of Health & Allied Sciences, scientists have detected a type of bacteria laced dirt & filth around the speaker-corners of Apple AirPods. However, magical wipes and disinfects don’t come in the box. Here’s how to Clean your AirPods at home.

Scroll down to see the easy tips & tricks on how to clean or disinfect your AirPods. Be conscious to avoid using the liquid to clean any opening of your AirPods, mainly the charging ports, since they don't come as water-resistant. Keep reading to know how to clean your Apple AirPods to stay safe.

How to Clean AirPods?

First, we’ll start with the individual AirPods, then we’ll come to its case later. According to Apple, using a dry, soft, starch-free cloth to clean your AirPods is the best. The company advises using dry cotton sticks to clean the microphone and speaker meshes, which is probably the dirtiest area where the most earwax accumulates. You can remove debris from the mashes using a clean and dry soft-bristled toothbrush. Be careful, don’t use sharp or abrasive objects. 

  • We experienced that wiping down the AirPods with a microfiber cloth like the one we get with newly ordered spectacle lenses is also effective to some extent. It removes dirt and marks easily without letting the shining go off. 

  • You can use the sharp side of the dental floss stick to peel off the debris and earwax from the mesh speakers. But be extra careful while using a sharp object like this, don’t accidentally push the pointed dart into the speaker while trying to dig out the filth.

  • A famous tech expert suggests plenty of common accessories that could be used for cleaning your Apple AirPods’ mesh speaker, microphone, and other areas where the filth accumulates. It includes a lock-picking tool, SIM removal tool with rounded corners, single-sided pair of tweezers, or a mini flathead screwdriver can also work. 


How To Clean AirPods' Case?

Moving to the Airpods case, here’s how to clean your Airpods case easily. Although the charging case of your Airpods doesn’t come into any contact with your ears or the outside environment, somehow it contains more dirt, grime, and earwax than the pair of AirPods combined. Maybe, the little particles of iron in the air accumulate on the meshes due to the inbuilt magnet. Apple advises using a microfiber cloth to wipe down the charging case and disinfecting it with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Be careful of anything else. It can be easily found in your nearest drug stores as well as on Amazon. 

  • You can use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt or debris from the lightning connector of your AirPods charging case. But be careful to don’t push anything against the charging ports to prevent any damage to metal amps that supply power to your AirPods. 

  • A microfiber cloth can be fine to remove newly settled dust & dirt, but you cannot think of removing dark brown earwax spots out of your Airpods. We personally found that using a soft cotton stick isn’t a bad idea.

  • Also, using a Q-tip and toothbrush to scrub away persistent marks and earwax can work well. As the bristles on the toothbrush are designed to clean the nooks, crannies, and floss of your teeth, we found this to be the most appropriate tool to remove wax and clean the edges & the corners of your AirPods case. Also, dipping the toothbrush in the spirit-based sanitizer can disinfect and speed up the process of cleaning your AirPods case. 

  • Be very careful while disinfecting your Airpods & case using sanitizer and don’t let any moisture or liquid get into the charging port. 


When Should You Clean Your AirPods?

It’s 100% possible to get debris blocking the mashes, speaker grilles that could either reduce the sound of your buds or affect the sound quality in other ways. Therefore, it’s better to wipe your Airpods using quick tips & tricks to clean AirPods. 

We’ve mentioned proven tips to clean your AirPods to help you remove persistence marks from your AirPods case and Airpods as well. Be careful while using any form of liquid or better clean your AirPods using microfiber cloth or wipes.


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