Realme Buds Air Review- A Wireless Device Looks Like Apple Airpods, But Affordable

Realme Buds

When Realme has earned its name by creating stunning smartphones, but do you people know now the company has shown its ability in other field also by launching Earbuds namely ‘Buds Air’.  CEO of Realme- Madhav Sheth unveiled the news of Realme X2 Pro in India in an event and he ended the presentation with the news of new Eirpods that looks similar to Apple Airpods. While Realme has been teasing its first wireless earbuds, at the same time the social media crowd hailed new EarPods.

This new earphone joins the Company’s growing accessory portfolio and the company wants to expand it further by launching amazing devices. Realme, indeed, has been known for launching powerful devices with great performance. This time also, Realme claims that Buds Air can provide total 17 hours of performance on a single charge.

The company said – Buds Air is packed with a lot of new technology that makes life easier with something interesting. According to the experience, Realme has marked a revolution in the wireless earbuds niche that the market needed badly for years.

Designs and looks

The device is packed in a curvy rectangular case that seems to have huge inspiration from Apple earbuds. An LED indicator is also placed on the top of the Buds Air to show the battery and connection status. The indicator will blink green for more than 75% battery, yellow for above 50 % battery and red for when you need to charge it. Along with this, the USB- C port is in the same location as the LED light. The one difference that is noticed is a small button placed on the front that is needed to hold for three seconds to active the pairing mode.

The interesting feature of this device is- both the earbuds have an optical sensor to detect the proximity they automatically pause the music when you take earbuds out of the ear. But, one other thing to be noted that if you place the earbud facing towards the table or any other solid surface, sadly, the bud will assume it is in your ear and it will start playing the song.


Surprisingly, the touch of the Buds Air is strongly responsive. A double-tap gesture will play the role of play or pause the music and accepts or rejects the call as well. Alongside, a triple-tap will skip an audio track while a long press will summon the Google assistance or Siri.


The audio tuning has been tasted and the company mostly takes care of everybody’s taste. According to the testing, users will enjoy every minor beat. The highs are clear too but it is noticed that the voice will start to distort when the volume bumps up above 70%.


While using earbuds you can hear everything around you. It would have been better if the company worked on providing some decent passive noise cancellation with ear tips. Thankfully, call quality is quite good.


If we compare the looks of Realme Buds Air with Apple then it gives a similar look but when it comes to the price, Realme Buds Air is more affordable. The Realme Buds Air has come for very affordable pricing Rs. 3,999.

It is strange to know that it took three years for the company to develop a device near to Apple AirPods. And yes, it is finally here and with a perfect well-rounded product.

On the whole, the Realme Buds Air is the great upgrade and device in the market if you want to move towards a wireless accessory world without paying much. And once you use this, it will be difficult for the users to go back to the other style earpieces.


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