Download Gcam For Oneplus Nord For Better Picture Quality

Gcam For OnePlus Nord

‘Gcam for OnePlus Nord’ could be an unfamiliar term for many of us. Don’t worry, if you have come here, you won’t go empty-handed. We will make you understand everything about Gcam and its connection with OnePlus Nord. 

What is Gcam?

Gcam or Google Camera is an application launched by Google. It is an Android phone application supported by limited devices. It allows users to capture quality pictures and takes your photography experience to the next level with its high-end features like HDR+, portrait mode, night, long shot, motion mode, super res zoom, and many others. 

The app is available on Google Play Store to download. But this application only works on Pixel phones running on Android 12 and above. Fortunately, if you own OnePlus Nord and want to use Gcam, you are an eligible candidate. Relax. This page will explain the complete procedure to download and install Gcam for OnePlus Nord. 

Gcam or Google Camera is really a mind-blowing tool to take a fantastic picture and video without spending much on camera phones or digital cameras.

You have a plus point if you have OnePlus Nord as the device itself boasts a powerful camera, even better than a OnePlus 8, at a much lower price. When you install Gcam for OnePlus Nord, it enhances the picture quality and offers you more focused and clear photographs. 

You must be curious to download and install Google Camera for Nord. Have Patience! Before we discuss the download and install procedure, let’s find out the benefits of Gcam for OnePlus Nord. 

Benefits of OnePlus Nord Gcam

There is no doubt the OnePlus Nord comes with a quite impressive camera hardware, but at the same time, you can not resist yourself by using Gcam for OnePlus Nord. The Google camera app on OnePlus Nord provides more neutral, sharp, and realistic pictures. The benefits of the Gcam for OnePlus Nord are not just limited to this. By installing the application, you allow your OnePlus Nord camera to use features like Astrophotography mode, Portrait mode, HDR+, Night Sight that is generally limited to Google Pixel Phones. Here is how these features distinguish Google Camera from other applications or phone cameras. 


HDR, High Dynamic Range, simply means improved colour and contrasts. When you allow your camera to click the photos in HDR mode, the camera takes three photos and processes them together to provide you with a better version. HDR+ is the improved version of HDR, which means double clarity. 

HDR+ Enhanced

It is an extra advanced version of HDR+. It is similar to HDR+, but it combines darker and brighter pictures. 


When you allow Gcam for OnePlus Nord, it will take photos like iPhone. 


Panorama mode means shooting from four angles: Horizontal, vertical, wide-angle, and fisheye. 


It takes photos from 360 degrees. 

Nigh Sight

When you take pictures with night sight, it takes 15 photos and saves these by correcting their colours with AWB (Auto White Balance), a Google Technology. As a result, you get much brighter and clearer photos with Gcam for OnePlus Nord. 

It separates the main object and the background with the help of bokeh mode. 

AR Sticker/Playground

This allows you to use AR elements in your photos and videos. 

Aren't Gcam features interesting? It would be more exciting when you use Gcam for OnePlus Nord. 

Now, this is the right time to learn how to Download and Install the latest Gcam for OnePlus Nord. 

Download Gcam for OnePlus Nord

There are various versions of Gcam; you can download any update according to your needs. 

Gcam 8 (Android 10+)
Gcam 7 (Android 9+) and many others

Before you start installing the Gcam, make sure to change the settings of your Smartphone. 

Recommended Settings

For MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV1d_MGC.apk – Config


  • Download this configuration file on your Smartphone.

  • Now go to the downloaded folder and create a new folder- MGC_8.1.101_Configs. 

  • Open the new folder and paste the configuration file into it. 

  • Once done, go to the Google camera app and double tap on the blank black area placed next to the shutter button. 

  • Click on the configuration file name and press the restore option. 

  • Now open the app again and start capturing the pictures. 

For GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.0.apk – Config

  • Goo to the File Manager>Internal Storage> 

  • Find Gcam and Create a new folder Configs 7

  • Now paste the file. 

  • That’s it.


Steps to Install Gcam on OnePlus Nord
The Gcam for OnePlus Nord is simple to install. You only need a third-party APK file for this. 

  • Download the Gcam APK file. 

  • Ensure that the Unknown Sources option is enabled on your device. Do like this-

  • Device Settings Menu>Security/Privacy> enable it

  • When the package installer is launched, tap on the Install button.

  • Once the installation is done, open and use it.

This is all about Gcam for OnePlus Nord. Hopefully, this guide helped you understand the use of Gcam for OnePlus Nord. If you want to know more details about Gcam, feel free to discuss with us. Mention your queries in the comment section, and we will work on it soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Google Camera so popular?

The primary reason for its popularity is its advanced performance. It provides a high-end picture with extra sharpness and brightness that hardly any other application or phone camera can offer. 

Is this safe to download the app directly from the Google Play Store?

Downloading the application from the Google play store can be harmful to your phone as the file may contain viruses because they are not checked with Google Play protect, Google Virtual protection mechanism. 

Is Google Camera is suitable for all phones?

Actually, the application is designed for Pixel phones with only one lens. When you use the application with dual, triple, or quad cameras, Gcam can not access the system setting and may generate low-quality photos, even worse than the phone’s native camera. 


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