Pachinko Game: A Look Inside The Japanese Game

Pachinko Game

From the very title, you might have got an idea that Pachinko Game is a Japanese game. But what exactly this game is still the question. How is this game played and how does it help win prizes? There are so many questions about this game that would be hovering in your mind. Why worry? We’re here to reveal everything to you. From the history to the definition of the game, and how to play it, we will cover everything about the Pachinko game in this article. Without much ado, let’s get started from scratch. 

What is the Pachinko Game?

In simple words, pachinko is a type of game in which you twist the handle of machines to launch small balls and aim for a big jackpot prize. This game is quite similar to pinball, which is played on machines that look exactly the same as slot machines. Here you can also say that the price you get in this game relies on both skills and luck to win. The goal of this game is to win more and more balls, after playing the game, you can exchange these balls for price or cash (outside the gaming premises). 

Tracing back the history of the Pachinko Game 

Pachinko was first created as a children’s game in Japan in the 1920s. Gradually, it became a gambling game for small prices. The name ‘Pachinko’ has come from the onomatopoeic “pachin pachin” of the mechanism. The fact is that the first game store (Pachinko Parlor) was opened in Nagoya in 1930, during World War II. No wonder the game started growing and in less than 6 months almost 35 stores were opened. However, all the parlours were shut down between 1936 and 1946 to keep the manpower and materials for the 3ar in China and WWII. 

Presently, most machine games are sponsored by famous movies and games. For instance, Star-wars based pachinko machines. This is how the industry is able to attract fans of games like Mario and Zelda. 

Curious to know how to play this game and win a big prize? Read on to know.

How to play a Pachinko Game and win a prize? 

Pachinko is a quite simple and straightforward game to play. So, the machines in the game are classified by their price and winning probability. So, every device you see in the game has a different price for the ball. For example, one yen per ball, four yen per ball, or 6 yen per ball. To play the game, you need to choose the right machine based on your expertise and familiarity with the game. Once you’re done with selecting the right machine, you now have to insert money to play. After that, push a button to release a set of small metal balls to start playing with. In order to win, you need to make your way to push balls hard and high enough into one of the winning pockets. The more balls you get into the winning pocket. The more prices you are going to get. This is quite a simple and interesting game. Isn’t it? 

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Is the Pachinko Game legal in Japan? 

The fact is that gambling is illegal in Japan, but the Pachinko game, which is almost like gambling is an exception in the country. Yes, the Pachinko game is legal in the country due to the interesting loopholes in the law, which enables the game to endure. The loophole includes how players receive their winnings, (because by law players can’t exchange their balls for money directly or remove the balls from the premises). Moreover, there are plenty of systems that allow players to indirectly exchange their balls for something valuable. 

The list of prizes players can exchange for pachinko balls:

  • Electronic items 

  • Cigarettes 

  • Cosmetics 

  • Groceries 

  • Local gifts 


Final synopsis 

The pachinko game has been a significant part of Japan’s history. No doubt, the game was started as a simple candy store game. Today, it attracts a million people across the country. One can say that the pachinko game is the only legal way to approximate gambling in the country. The game is quite interesting if you want to play it and want to win exciting prizes. We hope that you liked this article. To read more such interesting articles, subscribe to our website now. 

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