Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Rumors About Upcoming Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the upcoming smartwatch in 2022. The watch can line up with a handful of amazing features, according to the rumors. In this post, we round up all the leaks and rumors about Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. 

People have been desperately waiting for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 as its predecessor surprised people with its high features, particularly Wear OS 3. 

So, how will the fifth generation maintain to be the best smartwatch of the year? Has the company planned something better, or it's just that the company had to launch the next generation? 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 should attempt some best features to become the leader in the wearable market because the audience wants to see the new fitness-tracking features, updated designs, and more ways to stay connected to your phone from your wrist. 

Here is everything so far about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Every rumor and leak that people like to see in Samsung’s next watch. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Expected Specifications And Features 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to be a battery boost. It is expected to come with a 276mAh battery that’s slightly bigger than the 247mAh found on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. This is one of the good indicators that the next upcoming smartwatch will come with some high-end features. 

There have been rumors of the Pro version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 that can come with a more hefty battery size 572mAh. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Expected Release Date And Price

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 release date can fall in August as Samsung sees August as a lucky month to release smartwatches. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 landed in August 2020 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in August 2021. With this, we can only guess the release date for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 as the company has not disclosed the release date yet. 

As far as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 prices are concerned, we can only guess the prices as per the prices of the previous models. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 started at $249, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic began at $349, so we might see similar prices for the next model. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: What Audience Expects

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 increases the users’ expectations. Now they are expecting the company to improve the following things in its new wearable. 

Better Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a reputable battery life, and now users are expecting more from Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. The battery of the previous model lasts for around two days, which is fine, but the audience wants to see a big improvement in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. 

Complete Capability With Other Phones

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is not compatible with the iPhone at all. In fact, the smartwatch is not completely compatible with other Android phones as we could see some features such as ECG and blood pressure measurements are locked. This time users are expecting full compatibility with this upcoming smartwatch from Samsung.

Slimmer Design

However, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a wearable design. But the users want to see the slim design for a smarter look. 

Better Workout Control

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic’s workout control was a bit fiddly, especially the act of pausing control. So users do not want to see all this in the upcoming smartwatch and expect it to be a more fitness-compelling device. 

Wider Strap Selection

Samsung is restricted to sporty or hybrid options. It has limited strap choices in its box, and users are looking for a full leather or metal choices. 

However, Samsung uses at least standard straps, so users can choose one from a third party, which can put the extra purchase on the pocket. 

So, people are expecting more classic straps choices for smart looks. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the upcoming smartwatch in the market. If you are planning to purchase a new smartwatch to add to a new gadgets collection, you can wait a little more. As the company has not revealed many specifications, we can only expect high-end specifications, slimmer design, and colorful straps. The Smartwatch Galaxy Watch 5 can come with improved specifications. As of now, we can only wait for the release. 


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