YouTube Premium: What Is YouTube Premium And How Worth Is It To Pay For Its Subscription?

YouTube Premium

YouTube is the largest video-streaming platform on the web with plenty of free content for viewers. A couple of years ago, YouTube launched a new feature namely YouTube Red that is a paid service which allows people to watch ad-free videos. Later in May 2018, the company dropped the brand name and re-launch the services as YouTube Premium. Now, it's been two years since YouTube Premium launched but unfortunately, it hasn’t got much popularity. However, numerous messages pop-up on YouTube daily regarding subscription of YouTube Premium but nothing worked. But there are solid arguments in favour of subscription of YouTube Premium. 

So if you didn’t try YouTube Premium yet, here is all about YouTube Premium, what is it, and what are the reasons to subscribe to it? 

All About YouTube Premium

It is really necessary to understand What is YouTube Premium if you want to take advantage of it. YouTube is the biggest platform for streaming videos online but its unwanted ads may irritate the perso. But YouTube Premium is a paid membership program that gives you ad-free content, features-rich browsing (offline streaming), and enhances experience across various google’s video and music services like YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Gaming. Here is everything that you get on the paid subscription of $11.99 per month.

  • Ad-free Videos- No annoying ads will interrupt your video when your account is signed-in to a premium account.

  • Offline Playback- With this, you can download your favourite video for later offline viewing. 

  • Background Play- You can listen to your video, podcast, and music with your screen locked, which lets you keep your phone in your pocket and doesn’t affect battery-up also.

  • YouTube Music Premium- You will get ad-free access to the dedicated apps and its catalog of millions of songs.

  • YouTube Originals- You will be able to access the Ads-free originals and exclusive premium account. 


As you can see YouTube Premium has a lot of features for the audience for their hassle-free video streaming, but still audiences are confused about whether the prices are justified?

Let's make it more clear why you need to get the paid subscription of YouTube and why it is worth to pay a certain amount to YouTube. And if you are thinking YouTube is already free, then why would you pay, here are the 5 reasons that will make you ready to sign in today. 

1. YouTube Gives Better Experience Without Ads

If you regularly watch Youtube and get fed up with ads unwanted interruption in your videos streaming, YouTube pays them a certain amount and makes you available with the exclusive content from your favourite YouTuber without even a single damn ad. No matter whether you stream YouTube on Laptop, Smartphone or Smart TV, you’ll enjoy it perfectly.

2. Watch Offline Videos

Anyone who doesn’t have an unlimited data plan, no more worries now. YouTube Premium allows its customers to save the content offline to watch later. This is how you can keep a handful of the content of your favourite videos in your list to stream and to break the floor with your dance whenever you want. And with this, you’re also not limited to the audio version of the songs. 

3. YouTube Music And Google Play Music For Free

Google Play Music is a good competitor of Spotify and offers many songs including cloud locker services. The best thing about the YouTube Premium is all subscribers will get Google Play Music and YouTube Music for free. And most amazingly, the services are not limited to just songs, but you can keep all your music list in just one app. Isn’t it a good reason to invest in YouTube Premium. 

4. You can Flip Between Apps

While streaming videos, you can’t reach the other app if any notification of email or text pop up on YouTube. But YouTube Premium helps you to reach and even compose a reply without pausing your video. This is also handy with playing games as you can play background music and pause the sound of the game. 

5. Hands-on The Original Content Of YouTubers 

Some artists like Lilly Singh and Rooster Teeth produce original content that is exclusive on the paid tier on YouTube. With this, you may get all the laughs and actions from these prominent creators as possible. 

These are the worthy reasons for buying the paid subscription of YouTube premium today. It's up to you now whether you stick to your usual YouTube with unwanted ads interruption or you want to switch to YouTube Premium. And if you have set your mind to get a subscription of YouTube Premium then let us tell you it won't start itself. It would require you to sign up into the account while paying a certain amount. 

Again we would like to make your views very clear about is YouTube Premium worth it for you? 

If you want a better video experience without paying much, you can’t go wrong with YouTube Premium as other alternatives like Netflix, Hulu can be expensive or complicated to stream. It not only makes your videos more enjoyable but also supports your favourite characters.

We think this is enough to convince you to subscribe to YouTube Premium. So if you haven’t yet tried and want to ignore annoying ads, take a try yourself. 


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