How This Scary Game Is Dangerous For Thousands of Android Users

Scary Game

Whether it is a horror movie or any video game, they all have been very voguish for a long time in every age group. But here we are talking about a video game. According to the security researches at ‘Wandera’, recently discovered a horror game namely ‘Scary Granny’. The players in the game are really terrorizing. The most alarming thing is they are finding on Google play in a very lurking way. But it is surprising to know that it is actually a dreadful user data-stealing malware that will silently exfiltrate data while you are playing it.

The game was available on various internet channels including Google Play Store but now it is removed two days ago. But, unfortunately, up to now it is accumulated 50,000 installations. Here we need to clear some doubts of the users. First one is- it is not the fake game, so no need to get scared of it. Go and play it with an open mind. More interesting, its malicious nature doesn’t initiate from the time it installs but it occurs right after 48 hours after the installation. Afterward, the game app checks out the Android OS version of the phone on which it is running, and if it is a recent one then it will not prove a dangerous, maybe because advanced android versions are much capable of flagging its behaviours as suspicious.

Now exactly what it does at the background of the screen? Firstly, it pushes well made full-screen phishing forms to steal victims. When the credentials are stolen, the app gets access to the added account and bags all recovery emails, birthday, recovery phone numbers, cookies, verification codes, and tokens. For all this, the malware will use the in-built browser of the app, but nothing is shown in the foreground. This app is not merely trying to steal Google account, as some of the examples are come to know from the sources that it steals facebook information also.

We are still wondering that how this app has gone through Google’s play store and which still a mystery is. All thanks to ‘Wander’ who caught this app’s cleverness and reported it to Google before that installation number grow to a large number.


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