Samsung Chromebook 3: Everything You Need to Know

Samsung Chromebook 3

Samsung is the brand that is mostly known for its Smartphones, TV, and Laptops. But this company also makes a notebook which includes Galaxy-branded models and other Windows products and also Chromebooks. Here, we are discussing about the key features of Samsung Chromebook 3.

The main feature of Chromebook is that it is portable as well as cheap. This is because the notebook runs with a compact 11.6-inch screen, and the only thing is that the footprint of the overall device is small, but remarkably it is very light in weight. It comes with some unique features mostly in its hardware components as well as its display. The display of this notebook is very small. It is similar to a laptop screen size. As it is portable and cheap, it doesn’t mean that it is a waste of time. This laptop is being rewarded in 2nd place of the very best budget laptops.

If we see the Samsung ChromeBook 3 Price, naturally, it points out the main pitfalls with this device. You may also get many offers at the price of this Chromebook. It will be constantly updated on the page. It will be also updated on the page that it might be an idea to keep it bookmarked to learn about the top offers on all notebooks as they happen. It is one of the cheapest and sterling Chromebook laptops in terms of highly portable among all. This laptop is having Spill-resistant keyboard. And surprisingly, it is having an impressive battery life and of good quality.

Key Features

This Chromebook is mostly used in schools, and it makes the best model for students because it is affordable. It comes with a backpack to carry around and it weights only 1.18kg and is 17.9mm thick. This Chromebooks has the capability of taking a few knocks which are handy in a classroom environment. Some of the Samsung ChromeBook 3 Specs are listed below.


The screen of this Chromebook is small and not great with a resolution of 1366 X 786. Probably, this is the weakest point of this notebook. 

Hardware Specification  

The hardware specification of this laptop is very clear which includes an Intel Celeron i.e. a low-end processor along with some models which are having 2GB of RAM. Some of them are having RAM of 4GB also. Though the OS of Samsung Chromebook 3 is built to be so straightforward, it is still fine for your everyday light computing usage.

Battery Life 

It is a good news that the battery gives you up to 11 hours of longevity and the company Samsung claims that the power pack is engineered so the battery capacity doesn’t drop away steeply after few years of using the laptop. 


There are only 16 GB of eMMC storage which is not really much. Chrome OS is obtained with low amounts of drive space in mind. 


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