Samsung Galaxy S20 Review: A Feature-packed Flagship Phone

Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

When we talk about premium smartphones, it goes for solid performance, amazing design, and lots of features and high specifications, that only comes with the flagship phones. And so far, the Samsung Galaxy S20, a new entry in the budget-segment 2020 marks all the boxes. The standard Galaxy S20 didn’t make so many headlines like Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy s20 Plus, but it comes with some amazing features that convinced us to prepare this Samsung Galaxy S20 Review. Also, the prices are reasonable $999 compared to the Galaxy S20 Ultra $1,299. With this, it is supposed to mark everyone’s list of flagship phones in 2020.

This is the reason why we are covering the Samsung Galaxy S20 as one of the most important headsets from Samsung in the previous years. It seems that Samsung wants to prove that the cheaper Galaxy S20 is no longer a dream and can still deliver a flagship experience, especially at a time when most mid-budget people are jumping at Samsung’s heels. So, before stepping into the original and unbiased Samsung Galaxy S20 Review, run your eyes over the pros & cons and the bottom line.



Samsung Galaxy S20: A Feature-packed Powerful Phone 

Our Like & Dislike About Galaxy S20


Bright, Crisp, and Lighter Display

Versatile Camera Setup

Powerful One-day Battery Life

Great Size & Confort


Heats Too Much

Controversial Redesigning

Inconsistent Camera Performance

Comes Without Headphone Jack


Bottom Line

Samsung Galaxy S20

A Premium Flagship Phone

Powered by Samsung



The Samsung Galaxy S20 may be slightly different from its siblings as it comes with two fewer features than Galaxy S20 Ultra, but it still promises to deliver extraordinary performances. It is bound to offer a comprehensive flagship experience with its amazing design and powerful processor. The Galaxy S20 can be more feature-packed and powerful, if you are not planning to jump on the 5G.

What Comes in the Box?



We couldn’t see any major changes in the box or accessories. The Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with predictable in-box accessories. This flagship phone will deliver with a 25W charging adapter, a USB Cable (Type-C) from both sides, a SIM ejector pin, and an amazing pair of AKG USB-C earbuds.

Disappointedly, you won’t get a screen protector along with the handset. Well, this is something that Samsung should have added for the accident-prone people.

Restoring a Classic Design

151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9mm


IP68 water and dust protection


I have been closely monitoring Samsung’s recent design directions and was slightly confused about it. Actually, the iconic waterfall display design is no longer in trend and has been flattened and the camera is now coming into a rectangular blob. However, the looks are not going to be as expected, pleasing everyone through the design, but I can say that all these complaints will be drained before the affordable pricing of the new Samsung Galaxy S20.

Basically, we would say that the Samsung Galaxy S20 is an awesome handset, that comes with a nice appealing look. The rectangular camera has only three lenses, so it’s almost similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus and ultra as well. In the overall Samsung Galaxy S20 review, we found that reducing a few millimeters can make a few changes, but it adds a decent look to the handset.

Not to say, we are not sold on Samsung for it’s amazing “Choice of colors” for the Millennials. Though the Cloud Blue version, we tested is far better than the Cosmic Gray. It feels like holding a rainbow in the fist that comes through the coating. It makes the handset slightly brighter in the light.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Comes With a Big Screen, but Still Feels Sleek and Lightweight

Talking about the most crucial aspect of this phone, the Galaxy S20 sports an Infinity-O display along with a single-punch hole selfie camera. The big black hole actually doesn’t match up with Samsung’s appealing gray UI. However, you will gradually stop noticing as you’ll be habitual to cover it up with your finger.

The camera delivers an extra layer of face unlock security. Though, you won’t find any fancy or creepy face-scanning technology here. However, you may temp to its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that is supposed to be the best.

The entire Samsung Galaxy S20 series will be deprived of the contemporary 3.5mm jack, which may keep the music lovers aside. However, people with Bluetooth and other wireless devices would find it perfect. Also, the USB-C earphones are okay, but not quite good compared to the new ones coming with the latest models.

Additionally, Samsung successfully recovered the Bixby control for the S20 series. So, just hold the power button to activate the Bixby Voice. But, if you don’t like this feature, you can deactivate from the settings.

Another great display comes with the Samsung Galaxy S20

What would you expect from a premium smartphone to deliver in terms of the screen? Of course, you would assume something special as it’s a flagship phone. Though some often disappoint, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with the good.

6.2-inches Quad HD+

Resolution (3,200 x 1,400) 

20:9 Aspect Ratio

Samsung Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED Display

Corning Gorilla Glass 6


With every passing year, Samsung breaks its own record with a top-tier display for its flagship smartphones and Galaxy S20, another premium phone from its bag is not different. The 6.2-inches Infinity-O dynamic display comes with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The refresh rate, supports a smoother experience that may attract the gaming community in India. But, we tested 2 different units of Samsung and the panel was absolutely good, punchy, and crisp, delivering a nice color and a wide range of content. Also, HDR10+ is a nice bonus and puts a noticeable impact on users. With all these features, we can put our money on this that Samsung’s new display technology won’t disappoint you at all.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Review: Top-tier Performance Guaranteed

As you’ve expected from a flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S20 comes with excellent performance. The specs go like this;

Octa-core Samsung Exynos 990/Octa Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

8GB Ram

128GB Storage

microSD Card Slot

We tested an Exynos model in which performance was a bit slower than the Snapdragon 865 model. There are several questions about the sustainable performance of Samsung’s chipset, but it does well beyond expectations. Well, this is Samsung for you, and comes with an extraordinary performance. 

Though the Exynos model got a little heat when we tested hard and operated a lot of apps in the background. The heating issue is quite normal in this case, but you won’t test it as we did, therefore, its performance was quite good in our testing.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 the Right Phone to Buy Right Now?

We don’t know about you, but yes, the Galaxy S20 has something to tempt you. In short, we would say if you need a humongous display or high camera zoom, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is absolutely perfect for you. The Galaxy S20 Plus comes with a few more features, but that doesn’t justify the price tag of $1,199. Therefore, we think the Galaxy S20 is the perfect option of $200 or $300 less.

In the Samsung Galaxy S20 Review, we noticed that it doesn’t have the right camera, but it has everything else that you could expect from a flagship premium smartphone. If you’ve been bored with the contemporary design and display types, the Galaxy S20 is an ideal choice with Samsung’s exclusive UI, redesign, and display technology too.

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