Canon EOS R6 Review: Another Flagship Mirrorless Camera Is Here

Canon EOS R6 Review

With the wide range of cameras available in the market, Canon has again come back with a best-in-class feature camera Canon EOS R6. You may have experienced many cameras but Canon EOS R6 is the most affordable full-frame alternative that anyone can buy today. If you already own a mirrorless or DSLR of any brand, we can bet this is more than worthy and upgraded one. That’s why we have brought the Canon EOS R6 Review for you guys so that you get insight into the specifications, features, and performance of the camera and make your plan accordingly. Before moving forward, check key specifications here: 

A Superb Camera With The High-End Features

  • Sensor Size: 45MP Full-frame 
  • Lens Mount- RF

  • Resolution: 20.1 MP

  • Monitor: 3.0-inch tilt-angle touchscreen, 1620 dots

  • Viewfinder: 3690 K dots

  • Auto-focus- 6072-point AF

  • Maximum Continuous Shooting Rate: 12fps (mechanical shutter), 20fps (electronic)

  • Movies: 4K at 60p

  • Weight- Approx. 1.63 lbs. 

  • Wifi (2.⅘ GHz) and Bluetooth

  • Dual Memory Card Slots- CF Express and UHS-II SD

  • User Level: Professional

The Ultimate Camera With The Ultimate Features

The Canon managed to pack almost all flagship features. In this most affordable camera - Canon EOS R6, the company brings a best-in-class autofocus option, a superb in-body stabilization system, and burst shooting powers that mark it out as a very fine camera for wildlife or sports photography. So whether you’re a professional photographer or just a photography lover, this camera is just perfect to cater to all type of photography desires. You can also check out our list for Affordable Cameras For Vlogging.

The camera has the ability to shoot 4K/60p, but it lacks options like the ability to DCI 4K and has overheating limitations. Above all, it has an excellent option that delivers hugely impressive autofocus photos, handling is quite comfortable and high-end features make it one of the best options around for anyone looking to move into full-frame photography.    

The Design, Size, and Canon EOS R6 Specs

Design & Size- Canon EOS R6 is packed with the latest features and specifications. The camera comes with a magnesium frame and the body measures 3.8 by 5.4 inches (HWD) and the weight is around 1.5 pounds- quite smaller and lighter to carry with ease. 

The EOS R6 gets the mirrorless design, one that drops the optics and flapping mirror used by SLRs in favor of EVF with a direct view from the sensor. It doesn’t feel undersized, a textured handgrip and angled shutter release make it conformable in the hands.  You can also check out the key differences between Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras.

Specifications- There are all possible ways to protect the camera from dust and splashes and there are many Canon’s RF lenses, adding appeal to outdoor photographers. The design of the camera is amazing and unique in the market and features such as exotic F1.2 primes, a unique 28-70mm F2 zoom, and a pair of the super-telephoto lens (RF 600mm F11 and 800mm F11). are not yet offered by any other camera.

Coming towards the display of the Canon EOS R6, the camera has two displays- a swing-out screen at its rear and an integrated electronic viewfinder. The LCD of the camera is the same as it was on R5, with a very sharp 3.2-inch panel (1.6 million dots), adjustable brightness, and touch support. 

The EVF is excellent, with a 0.76X magnification rating similar to other camera brands of this price. It’s 3.4 million dot resolution matches what you desire like crisp, memorable, and eye-catching images. 

If you think you’re missing something in the previous Canon models such as CanonEOS 6D DSLR , you would find everything and more in this amazing camera. Check the Canon EOS R6 price in India and the rest of the specs below. 

Power & Connectivity

Canon is the popular name in the camera segment and the company always tried its best to make its customers happy with state-of-the-art technology. In Canon EOS R6 Review, TechToReview’s tech-savvy observes that the camera is loaded with connectivity options just to make the access convenient such as integrated Bluetooth, a Wi-Fi to connect to a smartphone, tablet, and computer for wireless transfers. The camera also has a USB-C port that enables you to use the camera as a webcam with the help of the Canon EOS Webcam Utility app. 

For video, the user gets a micro HDMI output port, along with a 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks. There is also a 2.5mm port for wired remote control. The images clicked will be saved on SD cards. And as far as the battery is concerned, it’s good for about 380 shots with the EVF and can go longer to 510 exposures with the LCD. But overall, the battery life could be improved. Of course, how you use the camera matters. 

Camera Performance

Canon EOS R6 has a sensor-based autofocus system and dual-pixel AF is much more developed now and users can leverage it for a live view system for many of its SLR cameras.  

Autofocus is available nearly to the edge of the sensor and can operate in multiple ways. It offers face and eye detection and recognizes the little objects as well. For more forced pictures, you can choose a focus area manually. Moreover, the camera delivers feedback to let you know what it’s focusing on. 

Simply put, the EOS R6’s performance is fantastic, as it has well-developed autofocus that can be used in multiple ways. 

So this was about the Canon EOS R6 specs, but every device lacks somewhere so we have created a table to define the advantages and disadvantages of the Canon EOS R6. Gauge through the table for better understanding. 

Canon EOS R6 Pros & Cons



  • Outstanding 20MP Image Sensor 

  • Large, Crip EVF

  • Quick, Smart Autofocus

  • Subject Tracking at 20fps

  • Switching-out Touch LCD

  • Strong 4K Video Quality

  • Dual UHS-II SDXC Card Slots

  • Mirrorless

  • Battery life could be better

  • Fewer pixels than other brands

  • K60 Recording limited by heat

  • Lens system still has room for growth

Before we end, check the Canon EOS R6 price in India. You can buy this camera online from the leading eCommerce websites or the Canon store for almost 1,84, 450 INR. 

Go through our Canon EOS R6 review before buying for better decision making. 

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