How To Check Online Application Status Of NVSP?

Online Application Status Of NVSP

Applied Voter ID and want to download it? Learn how to check the online application status of NVSP in this post.  

Voter ID, sometimes called an Elector Photo Identity Card, is the identity document issued by the government of India to those who have reached the age of 18. It serves as the identity proof in India and helps improve the accuracy of the electoral roll and prevent malpractice at the time of voting. Besides being identity proof, it also serves as an address and age verification and can be used for applying for passports and buying SIM cards, mobile phones etc.    

Now Voter ID is applied through an online portal NVSP and you track the online application status of NVSP easily.

NVSP ━ National Voters Service Portal is the digital portal launched by the Election Commission of India in 2015 on National Voter’s Day, which is celebrated on the 25th of January every year with the aim of providing a single service window to the voters. 

To check the online application status of NVSP, you need to visit the website. If you have applied for the voter ID and do not know about the NVSP portal application status check, this post can help you. 

Here you can learn about the NVSP portal and how to check the online application status of NVSP. And if you have not even registered yet, we will also explain the steps on how to register on NVSP. 

Services Provided By NVSP

If you have just reached the age of 18 years and you will cast a vote for the first time, you need to register on the NVSP portal. The portal provides to apply for your identity card and also check the online application status of NVSP. The detailed process is mentioned below, so continue reading. 

  • Register New Voter

  • Register as an Overseas Voter

  • Deletion or Objection in Electoral Roll

  • Correction in Election Roll

  • Download Voter ID card

  • Download the Elecorol pdf.

  • Track application status

  • Link to States/UT CEOs


If you do not know how to register at NVSP, here is the complete guide.

How To Register At NVSP?

For NVSP reference ID, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. We will discuss steps to check the online application status of NVSP later in the post. So stay tuned. 

  • Open NVSP portal 

  • Click the link Log in/Register

  • Choose Register As A New User

  • Enter your mobile number and correct the captcha

  • Click Send OTP.

  • Verify your account by entering the OTP. 

  • Generate your Login ID and Password. 

  • Login Using your registered mobile number and password. 


Your NVSP login ID and password is created now. Now learn how to apply for Voter ID at NVSP Portal and check the online application status of NVSP. 

How To Apply Voter ID On NVSP?

If you do not have a Voter ID and want to apply for it now, here are simple steps that you need to follow. 

  • Using your NVSP reference ID and password, login to NVSP.

  • Now click on the Register as a New Voter/Electoral.

  • Now follow the steps carefully to complete the registration process and fill out the application form. 

  • Once you complete the application filling option, you will get the NVSP reference ID to track the online application status of NVSP. 

  • The process will take at least 30-60 days. 


For the NVSP portal application status check, you need to follow the below-mentioned procedure. 

How To Check Online Application Status On NVSP?

It is easy to track the online application status of NVSP if you know the right procedure. For this, you should know your NVSP ID and password. 

  • Visit NVSP portal 

  • Login to the account using an online user ID and password

  • Click on the three verticle lines in the top right corner. You will find an option Track Status.

  • Tap on Track Status.

  • Enter the NVSP reference ID number

  • Now track your status. 


How To Download Voter ID From NVSP Portal?

NVSP portal has several services and makes it easy for adults to apply for a voter ID card through it. Here is how to download the Voter ID card once after checking the online application status of NVSP. 

  • Login to the NVSP portal through Login ID and Password. 

  • After that, click Download E-Epic.

  • Enter the required details such as Voter ID or NVSP reference ID number, date of birth, etc. 

  • Click on Submit to submit the details, and you will get your Voter ID in pdf form.

  • Download this voter ID on your devices, such as mobile, tablet, computer or laptop and save it. 


Now you have your official Voter ID card that can be used as your identity proof, address proof, and age proof and help you apply for a passport and purchase SIM cards. 

We hope that you have got in-depth information about the NVSP portal and get clarity about how to apply for the apply voter ID, track the online application status of NVSP and download the pdf file. 

You must have a pdf file with you every time when you travel with you. If you forget to carry a soft copy of ID proof, a hard copy on your mobile or laptop can help you in that case. If you have any queries about the NVSP portal application status check, mention them below. We will try to answer it as soon as possible.


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