5 best cheap wireless earbuds

cheap wireless earbuds

As technology is getting developed day by day the trend of headphones is now changed into small earbuds as the wired headphones are a big problem to be handled so here the wireless earbuds are the solution to this problem. As you can’t use headphones everywhere like on a bus or while doing running or during the workout so the wireless earbuds are a good approach for these conditions.

If we hear about some new technology so one thing comes in our mind and that is price. Like most of the people want the best technology at a cheap price as there are some products which are best but are out of the budget of some peoples. But the wireless earbuds are easily available at cheap prices.

Picking the cheap earbud that has every feature may be just like over the ear headphones then you ought to consider these 3 best cheap earbuds. From sound quality to remote control and giving you the best portability than any other earbud, these earbuds are the best pick for all time.


Enacfire E18 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 

This is the best choice and the best option for those who want to enjoy music through cheap price wireless earbuds. You can judge the earbuds on the basis of the sound quality. As these earbuds are cheap in price but are good quality earbuds.

As these earbuds also have good wireless features. These earbuds also have better charging time these provides 15 extra hours of music time as most of the people’s needs earbuds with best charging back up.

Call quality is not that much best as everything has pros and cons so these earbuds also have pros and cons balancing the performance of these earbuds. These earbuds also have a feature of a digital assistant with built-in microphone for executing basic google assistant and Siri commands. Let’s discuss the price of these earbuds. The price of these earbuds is very cheap and is affordable. These are available only in $39.99. This is not that much high price as compared to the features of these earbuds.


Samsung Gear IconX

As more of the standard earbuds, Samsung IconX is also a next level tech that is a little bit expensive than JBuds. The higher rate is not just charged for the brand but actually, they offer something new in these tiny sound beasts. Exploring the music and listening to the best sound with IconX with not regret your decision at the end.

Not just connected remotely but they have noise cancellation and wind minimizing system that distinguished them from the rest of the Earbuds. Easily fit into the ear and with a new control system based on tapping to change the tracks.

Using Earbuds to listen to normal tracks is often but connected them to Spotify and stored at least thousands of songs and playing them offline is more of Samsung thing. Battery life is 3 to 4 hours when connected to Bluetooth while on Spotify the power station became less effective to 2 hours maximum.

The built-in Heart rate sensor that will hold an eye on your working-out situation is kind of new feature. Sound quality is best in all version if it's Bass or high and low-end music.


SoundPEATS True Free

Among all the earbuds, SoundPEATS are the most affordable and quality earbuds in the range. Tactical designing and compact style with the best fitting in the ear ability, almost every feature is above the standard except they are not water resistant.

Sound quality is good unless you are trying to listen to bass music is really loud way, keeping them near average sound will be okay. The Bluetooth connection is the best and can work under 30 feet’s and more they 5.0 Bluetooth technology which will not give you any lagging issue at all.

With 3 to 4 hours battery timing and when connected to charging case it will last 15 hours easily, and with the best control system that can hold onto your tracks while working out or sitting on campus around the corner and enjoying free time is the best SoundPEATS can provide. These wireless earbuds are best sounding earbuds that can be found in the market.


Soul Electronics Emotion True Wireless Earphones

As these earbuds describe their features with their name. These earbuds are designed very decently provides decent look to the user. Very good technology for those who are bass lovers. Also, these are lightweight easy and comfortable for use.

As these are lightweight so the user has a pleasant experience while carrying these earbuds on a trip. As these earbuds don’t have good battery time they provide only 4 hours of play time. As these earbuds are designed for high-quality music and bass so therefore the microphone quality for calls is not that much good in these earbuds.


Xiaowu Wireless Earbuds

The quality of these earbuds are normal means they are not that much good but are acceptable but sometimes there is a problem of connectivity in these earbuds with some mobile phones.

As these earbuds can securely be fitted in the ears of the human being so these are good for use while doing a workout, cycling, running. Also, these are lightweight so are best for having them on the trip.

The sound quality of these earbuds is decent as these earbuds are designed for those who are not that much bass lovers who like light and soft music. These earbuds are much better from other earbuds in sound quality as well as it is also good for the call’s the microphone of these earbuds are very good. There is a multifunction button in these earbuds which provides ease to control calls and music functions. One can easily manage the power function call answering and hang up skip track and for pause the music. The price of these earbuds is also reasonable. These are available only in $23.99. These are very good but the mixed sound quality and the connectivity issues keep them from a high rating.


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