All-New iPhone 12 Release Date, Price, Rumors And Everything That You Have Been Searching For

iPhone 12

How many of you’re not happy with the iPhone 11 series? There must be a few, those are not quite happy because Apple didn’t meet their expectations and disappoint them. And now when you cannot complain to Steve Jobs against Tim Cook, all you can do is... wait for it’s new series to luach in the market. Maybe in the parallel world, Apple will be planning to bring a smile on your face.  

Whether or not you're tech savvy, waiting for the new iPhone is pretty common because most people keep waiting enthusiastically for Apple to launch a new series for it’s outstanding specifications, features, camera and, of course, top-notch design. If you also look for these things while buying a phone then you must be here on this list. 

Well, there is some good news from the house of Apple. We all have already seen Apple’s new under budget iPhone namely iPhone SE that was a bit high in the market and people loved that too. But apart from this and iPhone 11’s outstanding camera performance, we’ve heard about the Iphone 12 release in 2020. It is almost guaranteed to arrive this year, after all it will possibly be the first 5G iPhone Model… Introducing new camera, top-notch design, superfast processor and high-end features for that Apple is one of the most famous smartphone brands among the tech savvies. 

We have combined some leaks and rumors about iPhone 12 ongoing in the market that we all have been waiting for. Bringing Apple’s leaks and new iPhone 12 news, and your expectations together, we have made this blog to give you some insights into the all-new iOPhone 12 release date, price and everything that you’ve been trying to know. We have tried to answer all the questions such as:

When iPhone 12 Will be Released?

As per Apple’s culture, the company has not announced the iPhone 12 release date yet. But we are almost certain or assume that it will appear in late november as the company launches its products almost metronomically. 

As per rumors, the new iPhone 12 is expected to be released on 20 November 2020 as iPhone 11 was released on 20 September last year. Also Tim Cook often announces a new product on Tuesday so we can bet over your money on it being released between 15 September to 20 November 2020.

Although a delay can be expected because as per a report published in The Wall Street Journal, the production of Apple’s new iPhone 12 has been delayed by around one month. However, it doesn’t mean that it would be late because the company will find another way to cover up the damage due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

iPhone 12 price: Would It Be an Under-budget iPhone or Not?

It is slightly tough to predict the price of the all-new iPhone 12 since the company has started manufacturing affordable smartphones. However, we can expect it to stay in a line as per the current models. For reference, the iPhone 11 price starts at $699/₹52,995/Au$1,199, the iPhone 11 Pro starts at $999/₹75,740/Au$1,749, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $1,099/₹83,320/Au$1,899. 

Well, the price of iPhone 12 are linked to rumors and we can expect it to be released with a starting price of $999 for iPhone 12 Pro and therefore ₹75,740/Au$1,749 while, the iPhone 12 Pro Max $1,099/₹83,320/Au$1,899.

Rumors in the market have said that the material used in the manufacturing of iPhone 12 is a bit costly therefore the actual retail cost may go high in the market. 

Name of iPhone 12: Would It Be A New series or Else?

We would put first thing first: we’re pretty sure that Apple will release all phones in 2020 in the series namely iPhone 12. There wouldn’t be anything like 11s or SE or else. It has to be said that Apple may surprise us by releasing iPhone 12 with a whole new name, so it is subject to change after company's policies. 

All-new iPhone 12 Specifications & Features

Rumors said that the new iPhone 12 may have an angular design, just like iPhone 5. According to a huge design leak report, we can be sure about its success if Apple implants the same features and design. It would look like iPad Pro Models, the all-new iPhone 12 is going to be the first choice of professionals due to it’s appealing and sleek design. Though it would be quite uncomfortable to hands on. 

According to market analysts, one of its newly released phones could lack a top-notch feature with the front-0facing camera that would be a punch hole camera. Another leak suggests Apple is developing new Face ID tech which will lead to a redesigned and potentially slimmer notch. Allegedly, the company is trying out several combinations, including ones that minimize the front-facing optics so much that they fit in the top bezel.

iPhone 12 Display

There are several models of iPhone featuring 120Hz refresh rate that goes up to 60Hz. It has to be said that the all-new iPhone 12 could introduce a new display, with with respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo saying that the iPhone 12 Pro Max could have a 6.7-inch screen (up from 6.5 inches on the iPhone 11 Pro Max), and the iPhone 12 Pro could have a 5.45-inch screen (down from 5.8 inches on the iPhone 11 Pro).

This phone will feature an original 6.1 inches that would be upgraded to LCD to OLED. This is the best leak we have our hands on to claim that all Apple’s phones in 2020 will feature an OLED display. 

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iPhone 12 Camera

And, now the finest leak that we all have been waiting for. Rumors have said that it will come up with an all-new laser-powered 3D camera with ultra-powerful lenses. This would be on the back, and while only one rumor mentions lasers, another also talks about a depth-sensing snapper, while one mentions 3D sensing, so this might well be something we see in some form.

Three of the lenses look like those on the iPhone 11 Pro, if perhaps slightly bigger, but the new fourth lens looks like the LiDAR scanner found on the iPad Pro. This can accurately judge distances and therefore depth, so it's in line with the rumors above and would allow for improved augmented reality and Portrait mode.

Now, the question is, should you wait for the new iPhone 12 or not? Well, there is still half a month in the release of the all-new iPhone while the people are waiting excitedly. We can bet that it would be the most popular iPhone of the year with it’s top-notch features and high-end processor and camera quality. We are sure that you won’t need to wait for long as soon the company will announce its feature officially.

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