Best Women Safety Apps In Android and Iphone

Best Women Safety Apps

The women safety is one of the foremost concerns in this today’s world where there is a hike in the number of crime rate against women, especially in the metro cities where women have to stay out of the house for a long time. It is important for all women to stay alert and safe, as they need to travel late at night. The government has taken necessary measures to overcome these crime rates by introducing some Women Safety App with various amazing features.

These women safety apps are the best for empowering women to live a fearless life, to explore the world confidently, and to keep their family and close friends informed of their whereabouts. Some of the Best Women Safety Apps can be listed as;

1. iGoSafely:-

iGoSafely, also known as one of the Best Women’s Safety App Android, works as a handy tool for women’s besides being a personal alarm. As you set up this app and shake up your device, the alarm gets activated and this app sends alert messages, emails, street address and GPS location to your emergency contact. By shaking up the phone, the user can easily send 30 seconds recording to the registered emergency contact.

Some of the key features of this Women Safety App are:

  • Shake sensitive activation
  • 30-second audio recording
  • Battery depletion warning
  • Real-time tracking of user’s GPS location
  • Stealthy operations
  • Constant monitoring of device status



2. bSafe:-

The bSafe app is all in one app which ensures the safety and security of the women by providing different variety of features. This Women Safety App sends the exact location with an audio-video message to the contact selected by you. The fake call feature in this app allows you to fake a call in a particular situation and helps you to escape from that particular feature. This app is available for both Android as well as for IOS users. During the times of distress, the women’s can use the Guardian alert button, present in this app, to immediately inform the contact you have registered for an emergency.


3. My SafetiPin:-

My SafetiPin app is the Best Women Safety App which acts as a smart companion especially when you are struck at the crossroad and need to choose the best possible route to reach their destination. Whether the given area is safe or not is determined by the following parameters depicted under this My SafetiPin;

  • Presence of a number of women and children present around you.
  • Lighting
  • If others can see you
  • How close is the public transport
  • How densely is the place crowded around the women

This app basically pins the area of safety along with their safety scores to go at the time of emergency.


4. Eyewatch SOS for Women:-

The Eyewatch SOS for Women is one of the Best Women Safety App that is focused on the safety of today’s women. It is an excellent app as it sends the audio and video of the user’s surrounding along with an alert message. This app is available in English, Hindi, Bahasa and Spanish language. This Women Safety App is highly praised for its functioning without GPS, high location accuracy and its safety confirmation features. It also includes an ‘I Am Safe’ button, through which the user can mark herself safe when they have reached a safe place.


5. Shake2Safety:-

Shake2Safety is the Women Safety App that provides complete safety of the women’s with the help of some of the amazing features. The app will send an alert message, to the emergency contact saved by the user, by shaking the phone or by pressing the power button four times.

Some of the key features of this Best Women’s Safety Apps Android are;

  • Record and sends 4 seconds audio.
  • Tap the siren button to inform about your location.
  • Service activation is controlled by power button or shaking actions.
  • Send pictures of the surrounding situation and location.
  • Send multiple messages and location details to the emergency contact.



6. Citizen Cop:-

Citizen cop is the Women Safety App that ensures the safety of women’s by reporting criminal incidents at the earliest. Some of the amazing features included in this Best Women Safety App are;

  • Report lost or stolen article
  • Call local police
  • Call or send alerts in emergency
  • Anonymous reporting of a crime or suspicious activity

This app is basically for the fastest communication with the law enforcement department about women safety concerns and other criminal acts. All the people using Android or iPhone Smartphone can download this app using PlayStore and iTunes respectively.



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