Mac OS Issue Resolved: Unable To Expand Zip File On Mac Air

Unable To Expand Zip File on Mac

We have been using zip files for so long as these files comprise lots of data. Zip files are similar to other archive files that comprise one or more than one files in a folder together. You can send a single file using zip files that reduce time and bring efficiency in online work. Though all Linux, Mac OS, and Windows users can use zip files, Mac OS Users have reported an error when they double click on the files to open it. The error message usually appears on the screen is “Unable to expand zip file” or “Error 1 - Operation not permitted”. 

Have you ever wondered what causes an inability to expand zip files on Mac?  Though there are several reasons, we have found some common queries among the customer complaints that we have mentioned below. Read on to know how to open zip files on Mac or expand zip files.

Why Unable to Expand Zip Files on Mac Air?

It starts with a message appearing on the Mac’s screen “Unable to expand zip files” (Error 1 - operation not permitted) or “Decompression Failed” when your files cannot expand zip files on Mac. There are lots of reasons why you are unable to expand zip files on your Mac.

Above all, the instability of the laptop causes you to be unable to expand zip files on Mac. Also, the internet connection plays a vital role in the whole process of expanding zip files. You must check the internet connection whenever one such issue arises.

If you are downloading zip files in Safari Browser, make sure you don’t close the website unless your zip files are downloaded and saved in your computer. Downloading errors are often unable to expand zip files on Mac.

To check whether or not your file is downloaded properly, you just need to double click on the file. If you are still unable to expand zip files on Mac, kindly try to extract them again with the following methods. These proven tips will resolve the issue quickly.

1. Expand Zip File in Finder

You must know that MacOS comes with its own built-in function to enable you to expand zip files on Mac. Therefore, we would suggest you try Apple’s Finder as the best way to expand your zip files. Of course, it is extremely easy for you. Following the given process to open your zip files instantly.

  • Search for “Finder” on your Mac.

  • Double Click to select the zip field you want to open.

  • Zip file will start extracting.

  • You will see an unzipped file with the same name in the folder that will be merged with the original file later.

Other than this, you can simply right-click the zip file you’re unable to expand and choose to OPEN to view the compiled files. You can locate these files in the finder as well. To be frank, if you are unable to expand a zip file on Mac, this is perhaps the easiest way to open the files.

2. Unable to Expand Zip File? Try to Expand in Terminal

The Terminal is one of the best features of the Mac that assist you in implementing your commands effectively, including expanding zip files. So, if you are unable to expand zip files, it’s time to try Terminal to open your files. You can try the following steps to command zip files in Terminal on MacOS.

  • Launch Terminal: You can either use the Mac’s search bar at the top right to find the built-in feature. Just type Terminal and it will appear in the suggestions below.

  • Write Command: Type “unzip” with a space.

  • Drag or drop the zipped files into the Terminal Window.

  • Hit enter to expand the zip file, store all the expanded files on your computer.

All the files will be saved to your computer or you can find them using Finder on Mac.

3. Expand Zip File Using PowerMyMac - Unarchiver

Other than ZIP Files, there are two largely used archive file formats, namely RAR and 7Z Files. Though RAR and 7Z Files cannot be read or expanded directly on Mac. Therefore, you would be unable to expand the zip file on Mac. So, there will be only an option to use any third-party software that is reliable and effective. PowerMyMac is one of the most popular software to expand Zip files. 

Unable to expand zip file on Mac? Read on to know how to deal with zipped files on Mac. 

  • Download and Install PowerMyMac on your Macbook.

  • You can Download it right from FoneDog’s official website or by clicking on this link.

  • Once you install the software on your Mac, you can go into the details of your Mac to check the status. Go to Status Module and choose Unarchiver from the Toolkit

  • File selection can be done via dragging or dropping your files in the blank site on the software. You can choose zipped files directly from your computer by browsing files.

  • Hit the Compress button to compress your files.

  • You can also decompress your files via the following process. You just need to click the Decompress button for this.


We hope these methods will help you expand zip files on Mac. So, if you are unable to expand zip files on Mac, then try the aforementioned methods and trick without delay. In case you fail or get any error, you can let us know in the comment section or mail us.


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