Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Are Beyond The Market’s Competition

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The name ‘Samsung’ is enough to set a benchmark in the market and Samsung’s all-new Galaxy Buds are on the way of it. Away from the blame of being copied from Apple’s AirPods, Samsung is to introduce a perfect combination of configurations and functionality. Galaxy Buds+ are neither in competition to Galaxy Buds (Original Buds) Nor other wireless earbuds.

Featuring Advanced Audio Distribution Profile and Audio Video Remote Control, this beautiful pair of super-advanced earbuds is a hands-free type of earbuds. In addition to launching of an identical product of Galaxy Buds, Samsung announced that Galaxy Buds plus will not be a successor to the original buds. Launching will be on 14 February 2020, confirmed Samsung. Here is everything you need to know before buying a pair as Valentine’s gift this year.

The Width of each side is 0.7-inch which is just perfect with 0.9-inch depth and 0.8-inch height. Also, Samsung has done amazing work over the astonishing design and created lightweight 0.2 Oz Galaxy Buds. Featuring Bluetooth version 5.0 which is the latest in the industry. Supporting 2 microphones to remove all the bars to raise an uninterrupted conversation.

There are lots of rumors about the battery and performance of Galaxy Buds plus but it’s 58mAh inbuilt battery provides 6 hours standby capacity which can be enhanced with its 252mAh encased battery. Ultimately, you will get an 11-hour battery backup in the buds and 11 in the case. In order to ensure the best performance for years, Lithium Lon type of battery is fixed. It’s enough for a full day, straightforwardly from early morning to midnight.

This ultimate product from the collection of Samsung comes up with 5H Talktime earbud and 6H lasting on the cradle. Type-C cable is given to innovate fast charging and 5.0 Bluetooth version more likely to drop high-quality sound in ears up to 2 MB per second. 

Whether you are planning to buy it online or from any authorized store, buds are available in 4 amazing colors-

Aura Glow Silver (New); 




You will see that yellow is not that bad and aura glow is simply amazing. One thing about Samsung Galaxy Buds “Sounds Good. Feels Good. Looks Good.” And, these four colors are included to enhance the look and add an extraordinary attribute in your personality.

Samsung will release its first wireless and waterproof (IPX2) earbuds on this Valentine’s Day. Get ready to feel the base and let others feel the same through the expression of your enjoyment. In comparison to Apple’s AirPods Pro, Sony’s latest headphones, and Powerboats, Samsung has blown some real magical spells in these buds. Samsung shall keep the opening prices as low as $150 and Standard Galaxy Buds are just $20 cheaper than Galaxy buds+. We can bet that this amazing from the lap of Samsung would succeed to make a place in the list of the best tech gadgets in 2020.

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