Keep Your Windows Safe With 10 Best Antivirus Software 2020

list of 10 best antivirus software

Electronic gadgets have occupied a large space in our life. Laptops and personal computers have become a crucial part of our life as they contain kinda confidential data. People often save their data on laptops and desktops to prevent theft and use it for further purposes. But for this, you need to keep your computer secure from various malwares. This is how Antivirus software comes into existence. 

Having high-quality Antivirus Software installed on your PC becomes a necessity, particularly when there are so many cybercriminals and hackers that plague the internet & can destroy your data. 

This means it's clearly more important than ever to ensure that your gadgets are protected with the best antivirus, whether that is free or paid. It is very risky to leave your gadget like a phone, laptop, or another tech without virus protection. 

You may be suggested by so many antivirus names such as Norton, AVG, McAfee, etc, but are they really the best? After researching dozens of antivirus software, we have curated a list of 10 Best Antivirus Software 2020, so that you could be more confident while choosing the best antivirus software for your windows this year. 

1. Norton 

Norton is one of the top-quality viruses when it comes to choosing the best antivirus for your desktop or laptop. According to reviews of the virus, it is very lightly touched when it comes to resource usage and has the least impact on the performance of the PC compared to rival security suites. The best thing about Norton Antivirus is it is suitably easy to use apps. 

Another thing to note in Norton Antivirus is it offers amazing features for experts, that allow plenty of control over configuration custom virus scans and offering elements like tools that evaluate the reputation of various files on your system.  

2. Kaspersky 

Kaspersky has got a long list of features, let's see what Kaspersky does very well. Let’s start with how much it is capable of covering. It covers up to five Windows PCs focusing on the fundamental security essentials. It also includes smart self-protection routine and fast & high configuration virus scan. 

Besides considering its plus points, we can't overlook some weaker points of the Kaspersky antivirus software. One is some of the troubleshooting wizards provided seem of limited value such as browser configuration wizard which only covers internet explorers. Though, you get more features with the higher-tier packages, so you need not be disheartened. 

3. Bitdefender

Although the list of Best Antivirus Software 2020 is not short at all, & why did we put Bitdefender at the top? If you pursue the ranking of the top best Antivirus software you will doubtless notice that Bitdefender inventively appears at the top. This is because of the good reason -------Bitdefender antivirus software is excellent and it is found that it delivers top-notch protection. Which is, of course, the chief reason to install any antivirus product. 

Though this is not the only consideration, Bitdefender’s other main strength is that it positively mixes up with the features. There are so many features that depend on the nature of the product you purchase, Bitdefender is one that gets indulged with all. Bitdefender provides security at another level. It has the ultimate packages to maintain tools and is capable of covering various devices. It also has features like parent control, spam filter, firewall, etc.  

4. Trend Micro 

Trend Micro is the highest rated antivirus software that offers some toughest defenses beyond real-time behavior monitoring that includes an anti-ransomware system called Folder Shield. 

If we talk about the best feature of the trend Micro, it will surprise you. Trend Micro internet security will give you social networking protection. However, it is worth stepping towards the trend micro because it is the flagship security feature that can be seen in Trend Micro only. Another good thing is, this software will positively deliver protection for Mac, Windows, and mobile devices as well.   

5. AVG

AVG Antivirus software is highly customizable and top-rated antivirus software that protects your system from thousands of viruses, malware, hackers, ransomware, and other threats. It is a computer security solution that enables small and big businesses to protect their data, Emails, PCs devices, etc. 

The AVG antivirus software offers anti-theft features for lost and stolen systems, phones, and tablets as well. This Antivirus can protect against household ransomware and webcam spying. 

6. Webroot Secure Anywhere

Not just because every antivirus tool claims to be lightweight, webroot is also boarding on the same boat. But actually, Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus delivers on this front. Installation takes seconds and it requires only 15 MB space of hard drive and the app's memory footprint is just tiny with virus definition stored in the cloud. 

Furthermore, the antivirus didn’t compromise with the features that made it more impressive. It gives you excellent malware protection along with accurate real-time anti-phishing, identity theft protection,  an extremely quick virus scan with a smart ‘firewall’ monitoring system and many more. 

If we talk about the range, it expands the coverage from Windows, Mac to mobile devices and covers the five devices. This security gives you everything that you need to secure your data and computer including Automatic backup tools and additional online privacy features.  

7. McAfee

Another Best Antivirus Software 2020 is McAfee because of its continuous updates, that means customers receive updates automatically as soon as they are available. If your subscription is set to auto-renew, there are a couple of auto features you will also get to access. If you are looking for the antivirus that can protect you from different viruses and want to keep your data safe from being stolen then McAfee will perfectly suit you. 

8. Avast

Here, let us tell you that Avast and AVG haven’t fully merged. So we are discussing both amazing antiviruses separately. But obviously, Avast has a lot more data to work with and it has successfully upgraded its software to provide more comfort and extra security to the users. The latest edition of Avast adds a gaming mode to mute popups and reduce the system load when you’re hitting some hungry games. The Avast antivirus software is really handy and the interface has been given a clean overhaul. 

For more security, there is a passwords manager, which is undeniably a good addition to your security portfolio. It effectively protects your data and system from unwanted malware. With the help of the above information, we get to know that Avast is good for the systems that have more game load. 

9. ESET 

ESET antivirus software is perfect for the experts as they will love to control it. If we talk about the plus point of this antivirus software, it will streamline the program's slender software system footprint. 

The foremost reason for choosing ESET as your antivirus software is that it does have high-end security packages in the form of ESET internet security and Smart Security Premium and they both are a good mix of features.  

10. Sophos Home

Being a paid antivirus, Sophos does little more than free antivirus software and actually seems better for families. In this, you get standard virus protection and anti-malware protection, along with browser tools such as anti-phishing and content control. Most importantly, it can combine with central management of at least 10 PCs, this means you can lock down your kid's browsing options for more security. 

All in all, it is best suited for families and home desktops. 

If you’re looking for the cheaper option and more flexibility in your antivirus, choose anyone among these best antivirus software. The aforementioned list of 10 Best Antivirus Software 2020 will help you to hands-on the cheapest and safest antivirus that helps you to protect your data further. 


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