“Outlook Cannot Send This Item” Error- Here Are 6 Best Fixes

Outlook Cannot Send This Item

While preparing to send an email, you must have run into difficulty “outlook cannot send this item” with Microsoft Outlook (2010) at least once or more in your life.

Users receive an error message reading "Outlook cannot send this item" as soon as they pressed the "Send" button. Outlook doesn’t explain why or offer any suggestions for resolving the issue.

This post will show you how to troubleshoot Outlook's message/email sending issues such as “Outlook cannot send this item”. For troubleshooting the Outlook send problem. Use these six recommendations or the detailed procedures of Outlook Repair as discussed below.

6 Tips to Fix Error Outlook cannot send this item

It is very normal to run into Outlook cannot send this item error while sending emails from Microsoft Outlook. These are some fixes that can help you neutralize this error and let you send emails unhampered in Outlook.

1 - Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

You must first ensure that you have an internet connection; to do so, follow the instructions below.

  • Open a new tab in your browser.

  • In the address bar, input the two URLs shown below.

    • Microsoft's website (http://www.microsoft.com)

    • MSN.com (http://www.msn.com)


If the problem  “Outlook cannot send this item” with your internet connection remains, look into how to troubleshoot network connectivity difficulties with the browser you're using.

2 - Check the settings of your Outlook email account.

Select the account for which you wish to examine email account settings in Outlook by opening it.

  • After that, select the file tab from the ribbon.

  • Select information and select an account for your email address.

  • Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu that opens. Click on “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu.

  • In the account settings window, double-check that the email address is selected and then click Change.

  • Enter the correct email and rectify any typing error.


This should fix your error “Outlook cannot send this item” if your entered email is not correct.

3 - Delete the Suspected Message from your Inbox.

If you have questionable emails in your inbox, it may be difficult to send or receive email messages in Outlook. Follow the actions outlined below to delete the questionable messages:

To begin, you must first get access to your inbox using your ISP's web-based email software. Remove the emails from your inbox.
You can request this from your Internet service provider.

4 - Examine your firewall settings and turn off your antivirus program's email scanning.

When your antivirus program includes an email scanning feature, any type of Outlook sends an “Outlook cannot send this item” error. If you want to use Outlook or Outlook express with antivirus software, you'll need to make some additional changes. For example, the Kaspersky antivirus office plug-in must be configured to function with Outlook or Outlook express.

Configuring the firewall software to allow the given files to connect to the internet is described as follows:

  • Outlook.exe (for Outlook)

  • Msimn.exe (for Outlook Express)


Check that the input and output ports' default settings are the same as-

  • Port 25 is used for outgoing access.

  • Port 110 is used for inbound access.


If you have any questions concerning the ports, you can contact your ISP or system administrator.

5 - Make sure your email profile is up to date.

You must establish a new email profile to ensure that your current email profile is operating properly in Outlook. If you can send and receive emails using this new email profile and no longer have an “Outlook cannot send this item” error, the newly established account should be configured as your default profile.

6 - Open Outlook in a secure mode.

Follow the instructions outlined below to launch Outlook in safe mode.

  • Click on your operating system's search bar.

  • Type Outlook.exe /safe into the command prompt.

  • Enter the code.


If you receive a message that your email profile has been corrupted or that incompatible third-party applications or add-ins have been installed, you must establish a new email profile.


Final Thoughts

So these are your six possible fixes for your “Outlook cannot send this item” problem when ready to send a sharing message. While preparing to send a sharing message, you may correct your Outlook issue by following each step in order.


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