Best Phone Is Yet To Come - Motorola One Hyper With Pop Up Camera

Motorola One Hyper

Motorola One Hyper is the upcoming android phone of Motorola. This device will be the first-ever device from the house of Motorola which is rumored to sport pop-up front-facing camera. In addition to this, the device gets packed with the dual-camera setup at the back.

At launch, a device namely Motorola One Hyper will run the latest version of Android that literally means the phone is a part of the Android one program and it will be among the first handset that holds the official mobile updates in the future.

Camera Quality

The phone is basically rich in camera feature as it contains 64 Mp ultra-high resolution sensors at the rear. Motorola One Hyper Rumor told that the camera of the phone will deliver crisp detail and color accuracy in every shot. The company claims that even if you crop and enlarge the image, it will not lose its quality. The 64 MP camera focuses on every pixel and gives you a very clear image. This quality of the camera is all because of the laser autofocus technology that helps to optimized on work in the dark. Your camera will instantly focus on careful precision to deliver bright and vivid results, day or night both.

Moving towards the front camera of the phone, the audience will be able to enjoy crystal-clear selfies with the reimagined pop-up camera which is quite interesting. 32 MP camera is concealed behind the display and it pop-up in less than a second.

The device didn’t compromise in camera quality as both of the camera, main and selfie, feature Quad Pixel technology. The company combines four pixels into one which enhances the camera light sensitivity and decreases visual noise caused by the low condition. As a result, users will be able to enjoy more brighten, more brilliant photos in any setting. The company is fully confident about its camera quality as it claims to “Bring details out of the dark”. Whether it is night or the lights are not right, dart situation can’t ruin your photography and make you a star of a great shot.

Display, Storage & Battery

The one hyper is the first Motorola phone which is coming in the pop-up camera. Yes! You assumed it right- a notch-less display is coming with thin bezels. The device is expecting to come in the 6.5-inch display but still uses an IPS LCD panel with full HD+ resolution. While the company ignored in-display fingerprint technology but also focused on the fingerprint sensor to the back panel and put LED notification rind around it.

The device will be able to do multitasking effortlessly with plenty of memory as the users will get tons of storage (4 GB + 128 GB) for your stuff like photos, songs, and movies.
According to the Motorola One Hyper Rumors, the phone is expecting to pack with 4100 mAh battery. Moreover, like other Motorola devices, this phone also supports a fast-charging option using the company’s own Turbocharging technology.

Price & Releasing

Although, the company has not revealed the exact date of releasing the device and is expecting to be launch in January 2020. The phone is expecting to come in mid-range i.e. Rs. 27,990, which is easily affordable by the audiences.

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