Here’s How To Control Ping Fluctuation And Fix Lag In Pubg Mobile?

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There is an old saying in the gaming world which says “Game Never Makes Anyone Aggressive & Cruel, But High Ping Does.” However, all the popular eSports teams are set on the edge with million-dollar gaming systems, so they’re away from this unwanted relationship of high ping and lag. But, true passion for gaming lies in you, the people who keep playing even if there’s high ping fluctuations, lags or internal glitches. 

One of the most popular online multiplayer games, PUBG Mobile has another fan base among the hard gamers. And frankly, there is no wonder in saying that people are crazy over it, from all ages. The gameplay and concept of PUBG Mobile is not rocket science, but dealing with high ping, lag and other issues may drive you crazy. There are several reasons why your game lags or ping fluctuates. Some people may have a slow internet connection, but people with high-quality internet connectivity hardly get a ping below 120ms. Well, specifications and features of your smartphone also matter here and to get rid of high ping and lags in PUBG Mobile, we have made 5 entries to solve these issues. Here we have got supplies of five amazing tricks to fix high ping and lag in PUBG Mobile to improve your PUBG gameplay. Follow up with me

1. Enable Native Game Booster

With an increasing number of gamers, smartphone companies are coming up with inbuilt game boosters to encourage the international gamers community. This is an initiative approach that could take the global eSports industry to the next level. As of now, you can enable these boosters to improve your performance. Designed to stop background activities in your smartphone, this feature allows you to play PUBG Mobile without fluctuations and lags. It disables background applications to consume data and battery so that you can experience a smooth gameplay with the lowest ping in PUBG Mobile. You can either find this feature in the settings or there would be a dedicated application namely game booster. 

2. Control Ping Through WiFi Settings

Most people play PUBG on WiFI for better internet connectivity, but sometimes it becomes tough to handle ping issues associated with WiFi speed. Well, your ping may fluctuate beyond your expectations, therefore, you better configure your WiFi settings before start playing. You can make it simple by landing to WiFi settings < Advance or Additional Settings. There would be Traffic Mode that you need to change into Extreme Mode and changing these settings will divert all network resources to PUBG Mobile that will ultimately result in lower ping than usual.  

3. Turn Off Auto Sync

Another easy way to fix high ping and lag in PUBG Mobile is to disable auto syncing of the application in your smartphone. Auto-Sync does nothing but waste your battery and, of course, a huge amount of bandwidth that is probably the most integral cause of ping issues. If Auto-Sync is enabled on your phone, then it may cause leg while playing and may likely cause a server timeout. You can do this on any Android phone simply by opening settings < App Settings < Disable WLAN/WiFi < Mobile Data or you can also configure battery saver settings to disable background activities and auto syncing. It provides you with extra storage of game data to ensure smooth gameplay without ping fluctuations and lag. This is perhaps the best way to fix ping in PUBG Mobile.

4. Try GFX or Third-party Tools

If you ever played with Pro PUBG Players then undoubtedly you’ve heard about PUBG GFX tools to boost your overall gameplay by replacing inbuilt settings with additional features. If none of the above mentioned tricks work, then you can download the GFX tool for PUBG Mobile that is easily available on Android and iOS. One of the popular game boosters GFX is quite popular among the hard gamers who find potential in gaming. It allows you to change mobile settings for lower latency: 720p graphics, disable shadows, gyroscope and change the server as well. This is probably the best way to fix ping in PUBG Mobile that pro gamers use. Most smartphones come with dedicated game boosters and GFX tools to improve your game performance. You can switch to gaming phones for better gaming experience.

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5. Repair PUBG Mobile for Better Performance

People do everything but forget to repair the inbuilt glitches most smartphone games have. If all of the above tricks fail, then this one won’t disappoint you ever. You can repair inbuilt settings of PUBG Mobile by clicking the sign that appears on the screen before login. It resets all your configurations and custom settings to re-install PUBG from the scratch. Due to so many changes that you often made for your comfort, it creates so much hotchpotch and re-installing the game can improve your gameplay besides ping fluctuations. 

These are some simple tricks to fix high ping in PUBG Mobile for an outstanding performance and ultimate gameplay. We have mentioned 5 simple ways to solve high ping and bring it down to 100ms to enhance your overall gaming experience. Well, this is all that could be here from outside and if it helps you then kindly let us know in the comment section. 

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