Hyundai Kona Electric Car of 39.2kWh Launched In India

Hyundai Kona Electric Car

The much awaited launch of the electric car is here in India, in the form of Hyundai Kona Electric SUV. This new Hyundai Kona Electric car is expected to be priced at Rs. 25.30 lakh. This electric SUV, basically, is not only the first electric vehicle to be launched by Hyundai, but also the first electric SUV to ever reach the shores of India. Hyundai has already released this amazing electric SUV in the home market of Korea, which has fulfilled the expectations and requirements of the people of Korea.

With the launch of this new Hyundai Kona Electric car, Hyundai also joins the list of SUV line up which also includes Creta, Venue, and the Tucson. Still, there are various confusion and myths about the electric vehicle in India and this latest Hyundai Kona easily tackles them with staggering mileage and support options.

Hyundai will be going to retail the Kona by selecting 15 dealerships in 11 different cities along with essential EV infrastructure and support. However, the numbers can be varied after seeing the demand for this electric car.

This electric car has globally been released in two electric drivetrains of a 39.2 kWh and a 62 kWh battery version. Through which India will be getting the smaller version of 39.2 kWh, which is also claiming to offer a range of 452 kilometers. This first of its kind, Hyundai Kona Electric Car, has the 39.2 kWh of battery that sends the power to a 100 kW electric motor that can also generate a power output of an amazing 131 bhp along with a massive 395 Nm of peak torque. In this electric car, the power is sent only to the front wheels of the car as the SUV does not get the AWD (all-wheel drive).




This latest Electric car, known as Hyundai Kona, comes in India with CBU (completely built units) that can be easily assembled at the Hyundai’s plant present in Chennai. By exploring various options to source EV components locally, Hyundai is trying to keep the costs low. The Hyundai Company, basically, is offering two chargers along with their electric Kona SUV for the buyers, which includes a 7 kWh AC wall box charger and a portable charger that can be used with the help of a 3 pin socket. This upcoming electric car can be easily charged with the help of a 7 kWh charger in only 6 hours and can be topped up for 50 km range in about 1 hour. However, the portable charger can add 5 km range to this electric car only in about 3 hours. Moreover, there is also a DC fast charger that can easily charge 80% of this electric SUV in just 57 hours.

This latest Hyundai Kona electric car is included with various features like heated and ventilated seats, sunroofs, 17.7 cm floating touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and many more. Along with these features, there are also some safety features which include six airbags, hill-start assist, reverse camera, TPMS, ABS with EBD, ESC, and blind spot detection. This upcoming Kona electric car is coming up with four drive models such as Eco, Eco Plus, Sport, and Comfort.

Hyundai India is also offering a vehicle warranty of 3 years/ unlimited kilometers and 3 years/ 160,000 kilometers of battery warranty. Hyundai is also planning to install fast chargers in all the electric selling dealerships. There will also be a Kona electric support vehicles in selected cities for an emergency charging. To display the Kona Electric compatible charging stations in HMIL websites and app, Hyundai has united up with Map My India. Hyundai has also partnered with the IOCL so that they can install chargers at the selected fuel pumps across India.


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