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call of duty mobile season 9

Call of duty, a first-person shooter game is a new advancement in the online and electronic gaming market. COD has notably completed many seasons and launched the latest call of duty mobile season 9 in October 2021. The first season of call of duty was released in 2003, designed by Infinity Ward the game was a hit from the beginning. 

Unlike the call of duty mobile season 9, the original game was based on the setting of world war 2nd. Allowing the players to choose their game in American, Soviet, and British soldiers settings.  

Initially, the game was only available on the PlayStation and in single-player format. But with the constant advancement of seasons, the game is now available on mobile phones with an option for multiplayer settings. The popularity of the game led to the release of the call of duty mobile season 9 recently. 

Popular Seasons And Sequels Of COD 

The popularity of COD originated many seasons and sequels, some popular are as follows  - 

  • Call of Duty II 

  • Call of Duty Finest hour

  • Call of Duty III

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Welfare

  • Modern Welfare 2 

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 


Black ops topped the charts until the call of duty mobile season 9 was released. It became the most played game within its first week. 

The Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9: Nightmare  

Released on Halloween, Nightmare (call of duty mobile season 9) gives you real nightmares and provides a chilling experience while streaming through the game. There are different modes of game, you can receive many gifts by going door to door for the trick and treat event.

The call of duty mobile season 9 is much awaited for its zombie and horror theme, where you fight a premium battle alongside other humans and robots. The narrator of call of duty mobile season 9 is a voice stuck between a ‘void’ (a place between life death). The setup would give you chills, goosebumps, and even jump scares if playing alone with good sound quality.   

The call of duty mobile season 9 added a lot to the horror genre of online games. Those people who love to play online games professionally or as a hobby would definitely love the game. It is seen that the era of online gaming is increasing rapidly especially with the games that are available on mobile phones. Some games as popular as the call of duty mobile season 9 are subway surfer, clash of clans, free fire, battlegrounds mobile India, level heads, etc.    

Levels In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9: Nightmare 

Once you start the game, COD Nightmare, there are different levels and settings to follow. After a level is increased you can acquire many new weapons with different collectibles. The levels in order of playing call of duty mobile season 9 are -  

1- Hypocenter
2- New World
3- Provocation 
4- Sand Castle 
5- Black Ops
6- Vengence 
7- In Darkness
8- Rise and Fall
9- Demon Within 
10- Lotus Towers 
11- Life 


New Characters In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9: Nightmare 

Call of duty mobile season 9 is a huge success across all mobile phone players, depicting that mobile is the future of games in the coming age. With interesting maps, cosmetics, and fan-favorite weapons, the call of duty season 9 is all set to take you on a rollercoaster ride of horror and jump scares. 

The hidden easter egg in the game is new characters designed just for season 9. The makers were sure to haunt you with your worst nightmare again with its new characters. Check out the characters before you watch the horrors in front of your eyes. Characters from call of duty mobile season 9 are - 

1- Billy From Saw (Morte Skin)

There is no doubt that you have never watched or even heard about a 'Saw' movie. Billy is spine -chilling character from the movie and would come after you in the game to make you relive that horror. 

2- Nikto Brainless From Scarecrow (Nikto Skin) 

Many of us were afraid of scarecrows in our childhood. The childhood fear has grown into Nikto brainless also known as Nikto skin. The call of duty mobile season 9, has created a character with disfigured face to scare the players. 

3- Tracker Pack: Amethyst Iskra 

One of the deadliest trackers in Call of duty mobile season 9, Amethyst Iskra or Iskra skin can haunt you badly whenever she comes on the screen. Beware of her as she is one of the deadliest characters added in the game. 

4- Miasma Or Acid Spill

The word Miasma means black death and the character acid spill or Zane skin is more like walking death in call of duty mobile season 9. You have to take care while running through this character, he is deadly and would add extra horror while playing the game.  

Wrapping Up 

The call of duty mobile season 9 has received immense love and support from the fans making it a top-charting game of 2021. The aforementioned guidelines would help you to carry the game to different levels. 



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