Best Galaxy Watch Apps 2021: Make Your Smartwatch More Smart

Galaxy Watch Apps

Smartwatches are a trend in this advanced age. Every person next to you is wearing a smartwatch as these watches come with a wide range of features apart from displaying time.
With a massive collection of feature-rich Smartwatches, Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch is capable of hosting multiple features such as Fitness Progress, Record your Location, Voice Assistance, Listening Music, and many more with the help of Galaxy Watch Apps. 

Samsung Smartwatch ecosystem has become the most established wearable platform after the release of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The brand has upgraded its Smartwatch features too. There are a considerable number of Galaxy Watch apps that users can install to boost the productivity of their smartwatch. Whether you’re looking for fitness apps to improve your health, music apps to listen to your favorite song, or apps that can control your smart home gadgets, Samsung comes with a long list of apps to boost the user experience. 

Samsung Galaxy Apps: Enhance Your Smartwatch Experience

Whether you’re looking for the Best apps for Samsung galaxy Watch 3 or 4, or any other Samsung Smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch Apps we’re going to mention below are compatible with the Samsung entire Galaxy Watch lineup. Let’s check out the list. 

  • Spotify

Everyone loves to listen to music and Spotify is one of the popular music apps. Samsung is the wearable company that offers complete Spotify support. So if you want to combine your Galaxy Smartwatch with music, no other Music app than Spotify can please you.

You can download the app for free and if you're a premium user, you will have the opportunity to download the tracks and podcasts to the watch itself and stream it via your wireless earphones. It would be the perfect combination for those who love to workout and perform household chores while listening to music. 

  • Strava

On the list of Galaxy watch active apps, Strava is another incredible app that tracks the number of physical activities. From cycling to running, hiking, or swimming, Strava provides more accurate details of every activity. Although Samsung has its own health apps, Strava is an excellent addition for users who are more conscious about their health.  

It adds more value to your experience by providing average speed, distance, and other indicating factors. So if you’re fitness enthusiasts, this app will best fit your Galaxy Smartwatch.

  • PTT Controller

It might not be a fun entry on our list, but the most useful app to boost work productivity. This app will let you control your Powerpoint Presentation from anywhere in the boardroom. This is really an interesting app that will reduce your overheads and allow you to control your presentation from your chair only. To control the slide pages, it uses the Galaxy Watch’s rotating bezels, and also allows you to see the duration of the presentation. Isn’t it amazing? Download it today. 

  • SmartThings

This is one of the most useful Galaxy watch apps for those who own Samsung Smart Home Appliances. With this, one can adjust the thermostat of the air conditioner from their wrist, can get the real-time status of their Samsung washing machine, also command the start lights of the home, and control the smartTV of the same brand. 

Those who own other Samsung home appliances will realize the use of this multi-tasking app that enables you to control various home devices just from your wrist. 

  • Find My Car

There is nothing more irritating than wandering in the parking to find your car. But now no more hassle. Find My Car solves the problem by allowing you to save your car location on the map. You can also leave yourself a voice memo of where you left your car. Your watch will tell how far you are away from your car. This is one of the best apps among the list of Galaxy Watch Apps for those who usually park their car in the parking. 

  • Voice Recorder

If you don't have a phone or writing pad with you, stress not, your Galaxy Watch will help you to record your quick ideas. The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch has a microphone that allows you to record brief audio. All you need to do is activate the app, bring your watch near to your mouth and speak. There is a button that you can tap when your recording is completed, and you can also pause it if you’re interrupted. 

  • Facer

This app allows users to adopt various styles to customize their smartwatch. It allows you to tweak the various elements of the watch face, from simple bevy design to create your own faces and many others, it is a fun element that you can add to your smartwatch. 

These are our best picks of Galaxy Watch Apps. Which one did you like most among these? Or do you have any other favorite app on your list? Let us know in the comment section and also be in touch with us for more interesting updates. 

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