7 Best Tamil Songs Download Website For Free Streaming

Best Tamil Songs Download Website

तेरी झलक अशरफ़ी स्रीवल्ली
नैना मादक बरफी
तेरी झलक अशरफ़ी स्रीवल्ली
बातें करे दो हारफी

These lyrics flooded Instagram a few days back. It is the latest Tamil song, ‘Srivalli’ from the tamil movie ‘Pushpa’, that got immense popularity immediately as soon as it aired. This is one instance; there are several Tamil songs that are not only popular but timeless, ‘Kolaveri Di’ is another example among them. Meaning Tamil songs are in high demand and that increases the surge in the search for the best Tamil songs download website. 

However, there are multiple sites available on the internet that allow us to download Tamil songs. But you can not choose any of them blindly. Most of these websites are illegal, and a few charge a cost to listen to and download the songs, and if they are free, their quality is low. To help you out with these concerns, we bring you the best Tamil song website that provides you with free streaming of good quality. 

So why wait? Explore the list and find the best Tamil songs download website. 

Tamil Song Free Download: 7 Best Websites

Tamil songs grab audience's attention and are getting popular across the globe. If you are a fan of Tamil songs and struggle to find high-quality songs, let us introduce you to some best websites that give you access to the MP3 version. 


Looking for the best Tamil songs download website? TamilTunes is the best platform, with a rich collection of songs, from old to the latest. The website is accessible in India and around the world. The reason behind the popularity of this website is its easy interface. There are different categories available on the home screen, including Tamil movie songs, new Tamil hits, and old classics, to make the selection easy. Besides this, there are two other categories, genre and singer-based, to help you shortlist your songs. With this, you can easily find your song from a massive collection without hassles. The best thing about this website is that it gives you free access and does not require registration. 


If you are a true fan of Tamil songs, StarmusiQ is for you. This is the best Tamil songs download website because of the wide collection of great quality songs. You can listen to and download songs from A-Z movies of all genres, composers, artists, and singers. To find your desired song, you only have to go to the category section, select and find your song. To download the song, you need to choose the quality you want and click download. The best part about this is that it does not redirect you to another page, which sometimes is irritating and provides you with a direct link to download. Why wait now? Download free songs and enjoy them later!


Looking for a Tamil song free download? Tamilfreemp3s is the best platform to access thousands of the latest and old songs. The reason Tamilfreemp3s is considered to be the best Tamil songs download website as it is a legal platform, thus makes visiting and accessing free Tamil songs possible. You can download the best-ever collection of Tamil music without requiring installation or registration. The only annoying thing with the platform is that it contains ads worth bearing for free services. You can eliminate disturbing ad pop-ups by installing the adblocker extension in your browser.  

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Songspk3 is another best Tamil songs download website for fans. This platform caters to the demand of audiences from different regions as it has a huge library of Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Bengali songs. In simple words, this is a one-stop solution to all music needs. Besides, this website has a simple and smooth user interface that makes it the top choice of users. You can access your desired song from the categories given on the home page. Simply click on your favourite song, go to the download options and hit download. The MP3 file will get downloaded on your device without charging a single penny. Another plus point of using this website is it has minimal promotional content. 


If you are in the mood to listen to melody songs, Woodcinhub has a huge collection. It is considered the best Tamil songs download website because of its versatility. With this website, you will be able to download your favourite song onto your device. Despite providing the free best Tamil song download, the quality of the songs is prime. No matter what your preference is, old or new, classic or traditional, slow or fast songs, Woodcinehub has a vast collection of Tamil songs. Moreover, it features a clean and easy-to-navigate user interface to play, listen and download Tamil songs. Unarguably, Woodcinehub is the best Tamil song download site that you can access anytime from anywhere..

With these websites, you are able to follow the artist and their other music. Since music is a broad industry, artists go the extra mile to bring beautiful melodic music to their admirers. These best Tamil songs download websites allow you to access and listen to the most beautiful Tamil songs created with years of hard work. Different people get involved in crafting one Tamil songwriter, from writers, composers, singers, actors and actresses. Appreciate music and the work that has been done behind the scenes!  

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