Samsung Announces FLEX Display and its First Foldable Smartphone

Samsung foldable Smartphone

Samsung has respectfully earned the honor of manufacturing on the best Smartphones with the greatest displays. The 2018 Dev Summit was quite exciting, filled with surprises. We got to see Samsung unveil its fist Foldable which was being teased on for years and is finally getting the spotlight. This short glimpse of the Foldable Smartphone by Samsung showed us how easy carrying a foldable display can be in the upcoming future.


Samsung calls the flexible OLED display as the- “Infinity Flex Display” that is going to be used in its future Foldable Smartphone. Since the presented phone at CES 2019 was still somewhat of a prototype, the specs or hardware used are unknown.
In order to make Foldable Smartphones more reliable, Samsung has thinned the Flex display up to 45% when compared to the screen we see on regular Smartphones. Samsung also developed a foldable adhesive to prevent the components and hardware inside from degrading.

How does the Smartphone/Tablet Work?

Well according to Samsung’s demonstration we saw that the device could be used in the form of a tablet that uses up the whole screen when folded, another side of the screen turns off and the former tablet can be folded in half to use as a phone. The UI readjusts itself when the device gets folded or unfolded.

Is there a future for foldable Smartphones?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you were against the whole tablet and phone - all in one thingy. Everything about the Foldable Smartphones isn’t a final product yet. And if we were to give it time to nourish, over time Foldable Smartphones could unlock new possibilities in the upcoming future. Phones like the Vivo Nex Dual Display Edition are already pushing the boundaries of Smartphone, we could expect much more from the Infinity Flex display.

Recently Google also announced the support Foldable devices in Android.

Samsung didn’t dive too deeply into details about the new device so we can’t say anything about pricing yet. According to Samsung, the initial stock of foldable devices will be over a million units and will be produced more if the market reaction is positive.


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