Smart Home Technology | 6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Improving Our Everyday Life

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence

What do you think ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is? Do you think it's beyond you and has nothing to match-up your life? Well, you might not be wrong because normal people often stay away from such big-technologies, they don’t even know how their television or remote works. You might consider it a part of big tech giants or something that is not going to relate to you ever. In reality, it’s totally different and AI is going to shape our future in a precise manner. From our ‘Good Morning’ alarm to ‘Good Night’ texts, we’re living with artificial intelligence. It has shaped our everyday life and improved human life with notable changes in the way we have been tackling daily challenges. 

Have you ever imagined what if your daily home appliances like washing machine, lights, speakers, TVs, camera and even your room could communicate with you, send information and follow your commands just like a human being? Though it was impossible and nobody had even imagined it in earlier decades, today's young scientists have no boundaries. They have endless thoughts, a stream of innovative & creative ideas and strength to turn their ideas into reality. However, it’s possible to make your daily appliances work for you similarly to your colleague or partner. With future-proof technologies like IoT and Artificial Intelligence, it’s possible now to digitize homes and make daily appliances smarter. Today, we’ll discuss 6 ways how Artificial Intelligence is transforming human-life by simplifying our lives smartly. Let’s go!

1. Smartphone

They Don’t Have Any Idea About What They’ve invented.” Smartphones are arguably one of the most revolutionary inventions that have transformed our lives and turned it into a whole new way. And of course, you’re more likely to read this blog on your smartphone. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device, you’re already influenced by the features of Artificial Intelligence. From navigation to anything happening in any corner of the world, you can reach everything on your smartphone. From built-in-smart-assistant to portrait mode in the camera, AI is influencing everything. Whether we talk about Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri, our smartphones are working in a smarter way than we could ever think. 

2. Smart Washing Machines

Today’s generation is getting smarter and hectic as well. From office work to personal life, it has become so unmanageable to find time for laundry and other household chores along with professional life. With AI technology in washing machines, automated washers can regulate the washing strength and quantity of detergent & water as per the weight and types of fabric. These modern-day washing machines are just perfect for every working family. By adopting such advanced technologies, users can not only reduce detergent & power consumption, but also save more time & energy with increased cleaning power.There are so many automatic washing machines in the marker loaded with Artificial Intelligence that automatically detect the laundry load, water level and detergent. It’s simply amazing.

3. Smart Refrigerators

With every new generation, there are several changes that we’ve adopted to make our everyday life smoother & easier and Artificial Intelligence is no difference. An efficient solution can be developed using AI technology, which can easily track all the activities through a connected mobile application. Also, round the clock troubleshooting and diagnostics can be offered by monitoring the energy usage and usage patterns of the appliance. In a smart home system concept, all appliances should be inter-connectable. So, when a user selects a recipe on the smart fridge, AI assistance will automatically communicate this with the smart oven and begin the preheating process.

4. Smart Speakers

You might have experienced unbelievable performances of AI powered home speakers. From Google Home to Amazon Alexa, smart speakers are arguably the most trending and useful device that can undoubtedly digitize your home. Technically, any speaker that is capable of doing anything beyond just sound can be labeled as a smart speaker. Wireless speakers such as Amazon Echo or Google Home feature voice recognition software, Bluetooth, NFC, and speakerphone. All of these capabilities can be controlled by mobile apps, making them smart.  Smart speakers can be controlled using voice commands to do various tasks such as create a playlist, turn on reminders, make grocery lists, and even search the web.

5. Smart Door Lock System

AI has not just made our life simple, but also added an extra pillar of security and privacy to our everyday life. See, here is a smart door lock system that solely works on an algorithm designed to enable users lock and unlock their home with one-tap. Whether you’re in the office or elsewhere or out of home, you can simply check if the doors are locked or not using the remote assistance and mobile connectivity of this feature-packed system. And of course, you don’t need to worry about missing keys because these smart-lock-system functions work on Tecno-powered mobile-enabled technology with the advancements of AI, which provides an additional security layer to your home in just one-tap. 

6. Energy Saving

Do you think sometimes about controlling your home lights lying on the bed? It's pretty common to come up with such weird ideas when reaching home after spending a whole hectic day in the office. Thanks to these AI-powered energy saving systems, users can track electricity consumption and power-cut grid in real-time. You can not remotely monitor energy consumption, especially when you’re outside and not clear whether or not you’d turn off appliances and lights. For example, a user can remotely control a smart washing machine via an app that alerts the user about the washing cycle progress, errors or threats, and the energy rate on demand.

These are some amazing examples of how technology is evolving our everyday life and transforming the way we’re living. Artificial Intelligence is just a part of it. However, there are plenty of high-end technologies that we've adopted in order to make our lives smarter and easier. Whether we talk about the Internet of Things, augmented & virtual reality or other future-proof technologies, we’re just a mile away from the world we’ve already imagined and lived in Sci-fi movies. 


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