5 Signs Indicating A Big Change In Tech And IT Industry In The Aftermath Of Coronavirus

5 Signs Indicating the Future of Tech

When the dark COVID-19 clouds will go down it will have left an ineradicable mark on the world’s economy and an effect on the global market mainly on the tech and service industry. From 5G to the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the pandemic will blow away everything we’ve ever assumed to own in the future. We have already been set years ago from the age as the coronavirus outbreak has taken almost every business a step down. 

We have to confess that the pandemic has ruined everything. From small businesses to multinational corporations, things have been badly affected. World’s second tech and innovative country, the United States are now set as the new epicenter of the Coronavirus Outbreak originated from the wet market in Wuhan, China and spread across Italy and over 190 countries across the world. 

Let’s put on a good face because we all want things to be settled as soon as possible because we all love marvel and feel excited by the announcement and launching of a new tech product. Be it a new high-tech smartphone or the advent of a new technology that is supposed to make our living even more convenient. But at the same time, we cannot overlook the reality that indicates job losses, substantial or maybe irreparable economical damage. And there 
Will losses of mankind, human life. 

As of now, we have managed. Lockdown is imposed and we have quarantined ourselves in our houses. For those who can still manage to work, we have remote functions. There is no surety about how long we will be stuck in this epidemic situation — it could be a week or maybe months. Even the stagnation, itself will take time to recover. There is a long challenging journey ahead. 

While we are still very much safe in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak, we managed some time to think about the long-term impacts of this pandemic on the global market and also mankind as the whole.

All these 5 signs of the post-coronavirus future should be treated as our research and thoughts as nothing is certain. We are getting them down so we can at least share our thoughts openly.

1. 5G will take a pause

In the time of 4G LTE broadband infrastructures on which the society is heavily dependent to manage enhanced capacity and the need of modern mobile application, our infrastructure perhaps needs to be modernized.

However, every single approach the world’s giant telecom companies had for bringing the 5G infrastructure is almost on a hold under the subsequence of the economic crash that is going to take place soon. 

At this time amid the increased growth of remote interaction, we can feel the lack of 5G’s lightning speed because from telehealth to teleconferencing everything will be affected by this delay. We can anticipate that the process of upgrading 4G LTE tower will be on a temporary hold. No one knows how long it will take to recover from the economic slowdown and the world itself. 

2. Usage of bandwidth is considerable

While a large part of the population is restricted to their home the usage of internet is really considerable as the server down may heal the economic slowdown. There must be an official order passed to cap the limit video streaming to 720p and browsing to 212  Mbps across all the video streaming websites like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Apple Tv and other providers.

The power and ability of the internet video streaming should be diverted to the newsrooms and the providers of the essential information. As with an uncertain hold on 5G infrastructures, fiber and other broadband and technologies are also likely to be affected in several countries of the world. So, if you were planning to get gigabit fiber, then you won’t get it now.

3. Cloud to become the helping stick

Companies like IBM, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute, Oracle Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud will help us get out of this. At the time when most people have been switched to remote workforce, remote screen technology will be the need of the hour until basic, cloud-based applications can control the core business functions. 

At the same time, besides enhancing Windows 10X development to power up Azure and Azure Stack, Microsoft is earning the revenue at its best through the containerized remote window systems. Apple is about to adopt the same approach for iOS and Mac OS, believing that Steve Jobs will soon demise into Microsoft because this is the only big company that can undertake clarity in such an industry  crisis. 

4. Interrupted Supply Chain

Originated in the Wuhan city of China, the coronavirus outbreak had the worst hit here and millions were forced to stay at home. This total lockdown led to the shutdown of many companies including some prominent tech & services companies like Apple, Sony, and Apple’s biggest manufactures, Foxconn. Apple faced the shortage of the products due to cut down the workforce and sudden lockdown across the country. 

China’s economy faced the biggest down as Apple analyzed it through the MacRumors and the damage took place amid the spread of the coronavirus outbreak that ended up the Chinese government investing million dollars in ‘Made in China’ initiatives including telecommunications equipment and semiconductors.

5. Broken back of the VR Technology

COVID-19 has set big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple to allow employees to work from home. In addition to this, E-commerce companies like Amazon set a limit on the nonessential employee travel to the affected countries like China, US, Italy even within Spain. 
These companies have been working on VR to add it as an essential tool to enhance employee training and productivity, but the abrupt onset of the coronavirus outbreak halted the process and left the companies putting off it until the next statement. Amid the pandemic a large range of video conferencing and meeting with the remotely working people can be eased through the advent of Virtual Reality as they can share complex ideas online as prototype designs ‒ 30% of the total workforce accepted communication and collaboration as their biggest challenge with working remotely. Also the epidemic has put the advent on hold for an unknown period.

These 5 signs show that the whole world is moving to something worse that could be poor technology at the best. We would be years back if the expansion of the pandemic doesn’t stop here. 

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