5 Signs Indicate A Boom In The Global Online Gaming Industry In 2020

global gaming industry

The advent of high-speed internet and advanced technology has influenced several things extensively. From innovative software to so-called artificial intelligence, everything holds an effect on our life. Apart from these fluctuations in the global market, an industry is growing silently and supposed to mark the highest revenue by the end of 2020.

It is really shocking the way everything has changed so rapidly. Well, the gaming industry is still growing and will keep growing until it sets a benchmark in the world market. A recent report shows that the ‘Global Gaming Industry’ generated a revenue of $152.1 Billion in 2019 and this is going to make a huge change in this chart by the end of this year. Economists have reported that the industry may mark the growth of 9.6%, with setting up its venture to gain more and more profit. 

Over the past three decades, The leading gaming companies have moved to outsource development services from other countries which lead to the immense growth of the industry. Here’s how the global gaming industry is moving and what signs are indicating a boom in the industry this year.
7 reasons why 2020 would be fruitful for gaming companies and the gamers in the world




1. The Advent of 5G Networks

The days are gone when sending a simple online message on the desktop was supposed to be so adventurous and advanced too. Introduction to the 4G mobile networks in the world changed everything and caused great inventions in the gaming industry too. Can you feel the madness over the gamers when ‘PUBG MOBILE’ was launched firstly in 2017? Everybody was crazy about it and wanted to experience a high-level virtual reality. This game was designed so professionally that every time someone shots you in the game, it feels in reality. Now, just imagine what could you do with 5G mobile networks? No doubt that things will go beyond your expectations.


  • New multiplayer games will be invented.

  • Cloud Gaming can start a venture.

  • It will mark growth in the mobile gaming industry too.

  • Virtual Reality will see new heights

  • Will assist you in getting rid of traditional broadband.

The global gaming industry will set new records this year and this is just the first sign of it.

2. Advanced Augmented and Virtual Reality

Engagement in the games cannot be expected without both augmented and virtual reality. At this time when gamers are looking for feel in the games, everything spins around graphics and virtual reality. Though you might not be concerned about it, this is the reason why you love gaming so much. Virtual and augmented reality is called the future of the global gaming industry. These days, the latest technologies have an eye on augmented reality as it’s an integral part of the gaming sector which is supposed to be so developed in the upcoming days. Here are some points where virtual reality may come into power.


  • It will power appealing gaming designs.

  • The gaming console will be improved.

  • Traditional Gaming may disappear.

  • Enhance the gamer’s experience.

Have you ever seen a movie in VR? Augmented reality is just like that and contributes to real-life experience.

3. Excessive Mobile Production

Mobile games gain the most revenue in the entire gaming industry, therefore, leading mobile brands are manufacturing gaming mobile phones. A recent survey reveals that mobile companies may increase their production and several new models are supposed to be introduced this year. The only focus will be on manufacturing “gaming-friendly mobile phones”. This will increase the revenue of the mobile gaming industry and may determine the future of the online gaming industry in the world.


  • Upgraded models will be available in the market.

  • The mobile gaming industry will leap this year.

  • Engaging content will be introduced to mobile games.

  • Voice recognition will be improved.

Leading companies are insisting on the hardware and big screen in their mobile phones because these features are dear to every gamer.

4. Powerful Graphics

Graphic designing is taking a new step every day and this can be a sign that the global gaming industry might set new heights. See, what you do look for while browsing a game? There are various types of games available in the market in which storytelling, open-world, racing, tactics, and many others are included. Open world games are like San Andreas, Vice City, Prototype, Witchers-3 and so on. All these games require high-quality graphics to improve user experience. Whether it’s a racing game or an open-source multiplayer mobile game, graphics are an integral part of player engagement. With the indulgence of the latest technology in graphic design, one thing is sure that it is going to change the way we play games.


  • New multiplayer and single-player games will be introduced.

  • Battle and the open-world game may see new heights.

  • A better contribution to AR and VR will be recorded.

Looking back to 2002, graphics were in the name only. We couldn’t even name a single game with the best graphics before 2005. The online gaming industry is about graphics and 2020 will witness some amazing games with outstanding graphics.

5. Cloud Gaming

What do you think, would it have any impact on the global gaming industry? Most of us don’t even know about this, but this is going to set the future of the online gaming industry. Having said, cloud gaming will accompany online gaming to the new level of engagement and it will cause a breakthrough in the counts of gamers. Let’s check for ordinary gamers who don’t play for any achievement. Most of us try either to jump through the hurdles or attack our opponent behind mobile screens. Well, Cloud gaming will carry forward it to the next level where it will set new goals for the gamers. 


  • It will attract more mobile gamers.

  • Cause an uplift in multiplayer games to improvise social coordination.

  • It may enable the players to access their chapter online from anywhere.

Cloud gaming is probably one of the most unique inventions that has taken place yet. This is going to escalate the Global online gaming on the edge.

These 5 signs determine that the online gaming industry is going to add $80 billion in the world’s revenue by the end of 2020. Also, the statistics show that the online gaming industry may invest $300 to improvise the sense of gaming. Let’s see, what changes these steps will make and how far the global gaming industry can go.

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