Casio introduces World's First GST Calculator

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Since the introduction of GST in 2017, a survey reported that  many people would love to have a dedicated GST calculator in the Indian market and guess what? Casio recently announced the launch of the world’s first GST calculator in India. Casio has introduced two different GST calculator variants to the Indian market which are the MJ-120 GST which is priced at INR 475/- and the MJ-12GST which is priced at INR 395/- You can buy them right now at- 

How is it Diffrent from a Regular CALCULATOR?

These GST calculators are quite similar to the traditional ones.  But they  have  5 new dedicated GST keys (with values 0%, 5%,12%, 18% and 28% attached to them) on a condition  that the gross value (net value + Tax), net value and paid tax under different GST slabs stay stored in the GST+0, GST+1, GST+2, GST+4 buttons and the overall value in the five slabs stays stored in the GST button. This simply means that you won’t have to recalculate the values over and over again.


We also get to see the new TAX- feature which, according to Casio is dedicated to the TAX payers and traders to calculate the base value of the product by deducting tax from MRP. I think the Tax- mode application would be highly used for calculating base value and net profit earned.

But is it  really needed in the era of Smartphones?


I personally think having Smartphones are cool and all but these GST calculator could help the Indian market a lot. Here is what Mr. Kulbhushan Seth (Vice President of Casio India) said- “As market leaders in the calculators’ category, Casio India is committed to making meaningful innovations that help its customers day in and day out. We are proud to announce the launch of the World’s first GST calculator. CASIO GST calculator’s features bring a refreshing touch to the whole calculator’s category. It will make manual invoicing easy and hassle-free.”  

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