Apple Watch Series 9 Review: What’s New!

apple watch 9

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer shared “Apple Watch is an indispensable companion that helps millions of people with their health, fitness, communications, and safety.”

The thrill of Apple watches never goes down! The brand exhibits excellent features in terms of increased speed, new add-ons, and brighter screen resolutions to stay ahead of the market. Apple is ready to bang with the new Apple Watch Series 9 with more exciting features and price offerings for users.

Unlocking the upcoming trend, in the blog we will follow up on the Apple Watch series 9 review:

Smart Design 

Overview: The Apple watch 9 comes with an elegant design, the case sizes are 45mm or 41mm. Buyers get the option to pick between stainless steel or aluminium. Next, moving towards the thickness of 10.7mm along with IP6X dust resistance, and water resistance up to 50 metres. Overall weight will be around 32 to 39 grams varying for different models. The Apple Watch is compatible with multiple mobile phone brands. Also, in appearance, it is somehow similar to the Apple Watch Series 8 but better in performance. 

Apple works on valuing the design of the previous 8 series models, if it works for users why modify or change? Apple Watch 9 series has a sleek silicon design that fits into the user’s comfort relating to shape, fit, and weight. Anyone can wear it for a longer duration without interrupting their work. 

  • Dual Core CPU: The new series brings a dual-core CPU with almost 5.6 billion transistors, 60% faster than series 8. 

  • New 4-core neural engine process: It can level up the task performance by two times. 

  • Gesture: Projecting a new innovation to the model, Apple launched with a double tap feature - Gesture. Users can comfortably access notifications, answer calls, pause & play music at their fingertips. 

  • 2x Brighter Display: Apple watch series 9 introduces an advanced display to boost the brightness level to 2,000 nits. Users can read in sunlight, lower light situations like inside movie theatres as the light frequency gets dim by only 1 nit. 

Upgrade Features: Get Something Different

Apple takes charge of research & development to scale smartwatch features after every launch. Here are the excellent features launched in the latest series 9:

  • Apple Watch Series 9 stands strong in terms of design and captures users' attention. Further, multiple upgrade features line up to accelerate user experience. Here are the top awaiting features for Apple users:

  • Siri Assistance: The new series can connect through Siri assistance features to complete tasks faster with security. Siri dictation is most often 25% more accurate than textual one. Try testing phrases like Hey, Siri play my music!

  • HomePod Control: The Apple watch can integrate with HomePod using a second-generation Ultra wideband Chip. The feature allows users to control the music with the playing screen. If nothing plays around, it pops up with media suggestions. ‘

  • Lost & Found: Ultra wideband chip can also provide security for your iPhones. It can perform precision finding to share the information of approx direction and distance. The closer you get around the lost phone, it shows a visual indicator for assistance. 

  • Cycling Workout: It can automatically show live activity via iPhone to track your workout. 

  • WatchOS 10: The new update of WatchOS 10 brings on information on the watch face. Users can turn on a digital crown to access the smart stack along with widgets for precise information. Further, Apple Watch users can analyse their well-being with mental and vision insights. 

Apple Watch Series 9 Price

Coming to the aspect of the Apple Watch Series 9 price, buyers get the custom option of two sizes preference 41 or 45 mm, material choice, and 4G add-on with e-sim. 

The current pricing of the Apple watch 9 for a 41mm case is Rs. 41,900 INR and for a 45mm case Rs. 44,900 INR. If we talk about GPS connectivity, it will cost around Rs. 41,900 INR, while GPS + Cellular will be around Rs. 51,900 INR. Buyers can add Applecare+ coverage with Rs. 7900 INR to get 2-year accidental damage protection, visit the website to refer to the terms and conditions. 

Are You Buying Apple Watch 9?

Apple revolutionised technology with the latest features to surprise users. Apple watch series 9 contains top features of carbon neutral, retina display, S9 Sip, blood oxygen app, GPS and many more. Overall, the latest Apple Watch Series 9 might be on the list of buyers in 2023 with its sleek design & upgraded features. If you are a regular user, version 9 will resemble series 8 in terms of design, however, with more upgraded tech features. 

Apple truly portrays the luxury brand with trustable features! Compare the Apple Watch Series 9 Review to know more. 

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