5 Websites Like Airbnb That Can Plan Your Next Trip At Ease

Websites Like Airbnb

A home-like feeling is never possible when you are on vacation. A few websites like Airbnb aim to provide travellers with a chance to book a great vacation rental. These websites have more to offer than just fully furnished apartments, so you don’t have to worry about your comfort. 

It has been observed that there are 45.6 million travellers who use Airbnb or alternatives to book their stay. This is because sites like Airbnb are one of the best ways to find accommodation in another country or city conveniently and cost-effectively. 

But the thing is, why do you need to look for websites like Airbnb when there is an incredibly suitable platform to book a luxurious stay for you at affordable prices? The truth is Airbnb is becoming the first choice of travellers, which is why the website can no longer offer excellent services. 

It sometimes faces technical issues and charges expensive fees unless you book your stay in advance. So if you want to keep your options open and book an affordable yet enjoyable stay, look for rental websites like Airbnb. 

Here is the list of the Airbnb alternatives that can search for a ‘stay like home away from home.’

Other websites like Airbnb to book your dream accommodation

Vacation is all about feeling relaxed, which is impossible without a homely stay. A few websites like Airbnb can help you find the most suitable place for you in an unknown place. Here are websites similar to Airbnb so you can book accommodation while staying within the budget. 


When you search for other websites like Airbnb, Vrbo tops the list. With over 2 million users in the world, Vrbo is one of the most popular websites after Airbnb for vacation rental. The website has huge options, including a home, treehouse, luxury villas and cottage. The one thing that makes it the best Airbnb alternative is that it does not provide shared space. It offers great accommodation for families or groups searching for spacious, convectional and full-service accommodations. 

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HomeAway is the next option if you search for sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. The website allows you to book accommodation for a short period of time. HomeAway is counted among the best websites like Airbnb because it has an easy user interface. With the help of the site search option, you can easily find the available options for you. You can save a considerable amount on a vacation rental with HomeAway, communicate with the property owner and manage all your booking information in one place. This is what makes it one of the best sites similar to Airbnb. 


Best-known for its services, like offering the best hotels and resorts, TripAdvisor is treated as an Airbnb-type site. With over one billion users all over the world, the website is capable of offering a dream stay away from home. Apart from this, TripAdvisor is counted as one of the best websites like Airbnb because it provides peace of mind for online payment. Online payment through this website is entirely safe and secure. You can choose various accommodation options from homes, cottages, resorts, etc. 

Plum Guide 

Plum Guide is a newcomer to vacation rental and soon became specialised in small and hand-selected assortments of vacation lodging alternatives. Unlike other websites like Airbnb, Plum Guide has experts to ensure they offer what travellers want. It offers budget-friendly vacation rentals to the locations like the United Kingdom, European Union and the United States, and Plum Guide is considered one of the sites similar to Airbnb. Enter your destination, period of stay and requirements, and you will get an A1 stay in the luxurious hotel. 


On the list of the websites like Airbnb, Booking.com is the next alternative which works the same as Airbnb. Booking.com can be your all-time favourite vacation rental partner. It is arguably the most affordable alternative to Airbnb, offering five-star resorts, modern seaside villas and other luxury accommodations anywhere you want. Just provide all the required information to the agent, and they will offer you a range of options in your budget. When you're in search of a deluxe stay without breaking your account, visit Booking.com without a second thought. 

Airbnb is still a good option if it can meet your requirements. Otherwise, there are several websites like Airbnb that have really some best-staying options. Give a thorough check to each and every website before making your booking. 



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