Xender for PC VS SHAREit for PC

Xender for PC VS SHAREit for PC

Xender or SHAREit which would be better for my PC? It must be one of the most obvious questions that buzz you head when you go for selecting one of the most beautiful files sharing the app on your PC. File sharing is one of the most common processes that is usually done through wired and non-wired sources. When we talk about cordless causes; sharing data through internet sources consumes a lot of data for sharing up files across the same or different platforms.

Introduction of file sharing apps like Xender and SHAREit has changed the concept of file sharing as it enables the users to share the required files using WiFi direct. It means that you don’t need to worry about your data pack now.

Xender and SHAREit, both of the apps, are quite similar as well as different in various aspects, so it gets tough to select the best one out of them. Both of the apps enable you to share files at the speed of life and already have won the heart of million users. Both of these apps are not just the file transfer applications but also serve as an app manager and video players as well. Making up the comparison between Xender and SHAREit for PC much easier for you, we are here to introduce with the various aspects of both so that you can better conclude the winner.

Xender VS SHAREit

Undoubtedly both Xender and SHAREit are one of the leading file sharing apps. But who is the best one among both gets difficult to find out quickly? Making it much easier for our readers, we are here going to compare both of these apps as per their features.

Data transfer speed: Xender and SHAREit, both of the apps are one of the easiest, fastest and safest file sharing apps that makes it easy for the users to share larger files from one device to another as well. You don’t need to wait for hours to share up movies and other larger files with your friends. It is just a matter of a few seconds, and the necessary file will be there at the receiver’s end. Whether it is Xender or it is SHAREit both the apps offers breakneck speed data transfer than that of the traditional one, i.e., Bluetooth. SHAREit offers file transfer at the speed of 20MB/s whereas the file sharing speed of Xender is 40MB/s.

File support: The format of the file you are willing to share doesn’t remain the same always. It may vary from user to user and source to source. Xender and SHAREit, both of the apps, are well designed to support multiple format file sharing with great ease. It means you can share audio, video, pdf files, picture files, contacts and a lot more using these sources. You need to have a preinstalled app on another end to share the necessary file with other users. The only thing that makes Xender more special here is its enhanced versatility. Xender offers you the facility of sharing files like .apk, .epub, .txt and a lot more but SHAREit don’t support these formats of data.

User Interface: User Interface is one of the major aspects of every product that puts great remarks on its success. The user interface of a product needs to be quite interactive and user-friendly so that everyone could quickly work on it. Both of the apps, i.e., Xender and SHAREit offer a user-friendly and interactive interface along with well-managed apps, photos, and music files. All the features provided above make these apps the buddies of users and hence enables them to share their preferred data on same and across platform hassle free. The only annoying thing about the interface of SHAREit is the annoying ads that interrupt the app accessing especially while sharing the required files with their friends.

Multiple devices are sharing: It takes a lot of time to share various files on various devices, but what if you find an app that can offer you file sharing on multiple devices simultaneously. Isn’t it seems incredible? Of course YES. Xender and SHAREit offer its users the facility of sharing numerous or single files on various platforms simultaneously without having any restrictions. Presence of such amazing features in these apps not only saves a much of your time but also offers you easy access over multiple devices simultaneously. Both Xender and SHAREit offers you two different modes of multiple device file sharing, one is through WiFi direct or WiFi network and QR Code scanning.

PC support: Compatibility is one of the significant aspects of almost every file that makes it quite easy to be used in a broader range of products. It is the point where Xender lacks a step behind SHAREit. SHAREIt app can be easily used on PC as well. The server offers you the facility of universal apps and files on your phone and in your PC as well using SHAREit. But when we talk about Xender, it does not include such a feature. The app works efficiently only on PC only. So if you are willing to share files from your android device to PC or PC to some other platform only SHAREit is the one that can help you.

Network restrictions: Who would prefer to spend their data while sharing different formats and sizes of files across same or cross platforms? Sure none of us. Both Xender and SHAREitoffer no restrictions on the file sharing process. Both of the apps don’t include any wired sources of external connection to share their preferred files with their buddies. Both of these apps rely on simple and dedicated WiFi direct connectivity to send unlimited data and images instantly.

What about the battery: Extra battery consumption is one of the most common issues while working with the file sharing processes. But both Xender andSAHREit app serve as data saver and doesn’t much affect the data status of your device. The file transfer speed in both of the apps is quite incredible and hardly takes a few seconds to share a complete file with your friends. Less will be the time among processes like reading, writing or sharing better will be the battery performance.

Affordability: If we compare the price tags of both of the file sharing apps, the results will be neutral. Both of the apps are quite affordable for everyone with a zero price tag option. You don’t need to install and use them for sharing different formats and sizes of files. Even the data charges need to be spent here are also negligible as they are not connected to the internet data pack. You have to join the preferred devices with WiFi direct to start the file sharing process.

Who is the winner Xender or SHAREit?

Here it comes the main question, who is the winner Xender or SHAREit?Well reading out all of the features comparison provides above, you would surely have been reached the answer. The answer lies deep in the elements and the question itself. Before making up the decision for the winner title make a flashback and think what exactly you want from these apps. Both of the apps are quite similar to each other but differ slightly in some aspects as well.

If you are looking for an option where you can easily transfer multiple format files and folders without bothering how they look and thinking about the speed,SHAREt would be the most obvious option for you. The best thing about this app is that it supports PC to work on.

But if you are looking for some advanced features like folders peek, easy to use, multiple format support, faster access,Xender is going to be the right option where you can meet better results. Xender offers you the facility of sharing folders simultaneously that usually, SHAREit doesn’t do.

Whether it is about Xender or SHAREit, both of the apps are quite affordable with a zero price tag. The only question that felt users boring are the annoying ads that usually interrupts you while accessing shared files. It is your choice, how you would take these apps. Where SHAREit supports your PC access,Xender is the one that comes up with additional file format support.

So while selecting the best one for you; stay relaxed, take a deep breath, take a look at your requirements and then makes a final decision. SHAREit for Mac is also available for general usage.


Xender for PC VS SHAREit for PC would always remain a great debate as both of them left each other behind in different aspects. The comparison would end up with a result if we took on certain features only fulfilling our requirements. You can’t expect one to make a decision just by following the popularity of the apps. Making the decision-making process much easier for you, we have summed up here the comparison between the different features of both. Just go through with the details of every element and then make a final decision depending upon your requirements.

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