Will The New Samsung Galaxy S11 Be Revolutionary?

Samsung Galaxy S11

As a result of 10years of innovations in the mobile arena, Samsung has introduced the next-generation Samsung Galaxy S11 which is going to be released in the First Week of March 2020. Apple iPhone 11 is also going to be released in the next year with massive battery life, so Samsung seems to be fully motivated to increase the battery life further. Samsung is also looking forward to adopting 5G  in all S11 lineups, in all countries. Other headlines of this Samsung Galaxy S11 will be wide-angle, high depth camera, upgraded sleek design, massively increased performance, next-generation battery and memory enhancement, on-screen fingerprint sensor and an AI-focused image processing features. Let's dig into the amazing specs and features and their comparison to Samsung Galaxy S11 price.

High-Efficiency Battery Power

Furthermore, Samsung is aiming real high with the new Galaxy smartphone and the leak about the batteries also gives us a hint. Samsung Galaxy S10 line-up had an SM-G97xx battery model whereas Galaxy S9 had an SM-G96xx battery model. Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a fusion of both batteries in the form of the SM-G98xx model range with a battery capacity of 14.36W and a phone operation of 3.85 volts. This gives us a hint that the battery will be 5000 mAh, 1000 mAh larger than Samsung Galaxy 10e, which was already a good battery phone. There is also a leak that Samsung is clearly focused on making 2020 a business year, as 2020 is also a revolutionary year for the iPhone as well.

The revolutionary camera features

Samsung has been dominating headlines in the past weeks for its revolutionary camera features in the upcoming Galaxy S11 model. Samsung galaxy S11will come up with revolutionary Note 10 beating camera along with the technology of an amazing shooting experience. The S11 camera will bring you something exceptional with a 108-megapixel camera sensor, which would blow the 12-megapixel primary sensors of the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 out of the water. So if you are looking forward to buying Note 10 released this August 26, wait for only a few months and we bet you will get something even more amazing and it will be worth the wait. With this upcoming model, Samsung is going to launch for the first time the optical leveling and 5X AI-enhanced zoom, as Samsung cameras lag behind in these camera features that can already be found on the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro. We have got so many shreds of evidence that support these claims so hold tight.

Samsung has pioneered in bringing Portrait Mode-like artificial background blur for real-time videography, so it is speculated that the new Samsung S11 will have a premium extension to this functionality as well.

Nifty In-display Fingerprint sensors

Although prices of Samsung mobiles are bit high, but Samsung phone features are always worth that. According to our leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have all revolutionary features that all of you are looking forward to on the iPhone 12. Almost all Android phones have fingerprint sensors on their backside, as it makes the room for larger displays and narrower bezels. Apple introduced 3D face recognition and abandoned the concept of fingerprint sensors. Users were tired of back positioned fingerprint sensors because there’s no tactile target to touch when a fingerprint sensor is embedded behind a smartphone screen. This makes it difficult to unlock your phone without having a look at the place where your fingers will touch. Samsung introduced In-display fingerprint sensors in the Samsung S10 line-up, and these are nifty and convenient but at the same time, they create a UX problem and slow everything down. So Samsung S11 will come up with revolutionizing in-display fingerprint sensors with a fantastic solution to the UX problem.

These in-display fingerprint sensors will have much larger “Active Area Dimension,” or AAD. So these next-generation fingerprint sensors are quite different from the ones we use nowadays, where you have to touch a narrow portion of the screen, these new sensors will have a broader active area and you will be able to touch your fingerprint pretty much anywhere and unlock your phone easily.

Ultra-fast Processing

The Samsung Galaxy S11 chipset is confirmed to be Exynos 990 in Europe and Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 865 chipset in North-America under the hood according to our reports. Both 7nm processors promise performance enhancements over their respective predecessors, and both are sure to be insanely fast. There will 12 GB RAM with eight CPUs cores and a GPU (new). The phone also has a micro SD card support for a whopping extra dose of memory and a 4GB RAM all collectively making this phone super fast.

Stylish and Sleek Display

Galaxy S11 will have even more trimmed bezels than the Galaxy S10 lineup. Furthermore, the phone will come in three standard Samsung colors, Blue, Pink, White and Black. The Aura branding from Galaxy Note 10 will also be noticed for pretty flashing back designs.For the screen, we are sure it would be gorgeous as Samsung always leads the pack with its flagship screen features and this is not a guess. There is a huge and innovative upgrade in the display as well by Samsung, and that is UI 2 Beta, accompanied by a 120Hz setting page display. According to Samsung, they were going to use this feature for their Note11but now this feature is going to be debuted in Samsung Galaxy S11. You are going to love this feature along with the AMOLED display and a resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels. 
Recent leaks have pointed to 6.4-inch screen size and this a huge increase from the current Samsung S10 5.8 inches screen size. So Samsung has taken “Go Big or Go Home” serious with larger and curved screens. This curved screen will be slightly curved and is supposed to be designed while keeping user experience in mind. 

What are your thoughts?

Moreover, it is expected that the Galaxy S11 will run on Android 10 (formerly Android Q) with One UI 2.1. There is a huge number of rumors and authentic leaks in the scenario, and we only have to wait for 2months more for confirmation. Stay tuned: we'll be updating this preview regularly. Let us know your thoughts.


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