Top 7 Apps To Fix Wi-Fi Network Connection & Others Issues

Wi-Fi Apps To Fix Wi-Fi Network Issues

Searching for a building’s private Wi-Fi is almost similar to Pokemon Go. However, it may be the worst day of your life when you get an open high-speed Wi-Fi network, and face an abrupt error in connection establishment. It hurts the most, when you’ve logged into your favorite game on public Wi-Fi. 

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi can be frustrating, especially when working remotely and video calls hang up. You may try tips to fix your Wi-Fi issues at home, but there are plenty of other reasons why your Wi-Fi occurs network issues and stops working. Maybe your Wi-Fi has a poor signal strength or the broadband provider has overlooked a lap. It would be tough to create a Wi-Fi’s heat way in your area, but these Wi-Fi analyzer tools can do it quickly. Also, you can fix your Wi-Fi issues using these Wi-Fi analyzer apps on your Android or iOS smartphone. 

We’ve put together 7 apps to fix Wi-Fi network connection & other issues. These are some best Wi-Fi analyzer that can resolve your problems by doing the followings;

  • Collect information on the name, type (a/b/g/n/etc), and frequency (2.4GHz or 5GHz). 

  • Detect Signal strength. 

  • Create Wi-Fi’s Heat Map.

  • Measure packet speed (how fast the upload/download speed really is)


This is, of course, beyond what an inbuilt Android Wi-Fi detector can do. These applications include powerful data collection tools and are based on the latest technology to resolve your queries. 

We’ll run down a list of top 7 Wi-Fi Apps for android & iOS, give a brief description, and suggest the best that will help fix your Wi-Fi issues without spending a ton of money & time. Scroll down to see the best Wi-Fi analyzer tool.

1. SpeedTest.Net

This is one of the best Wi-Fi analyzer apps that has been used widely by the people around the world. It helps measure the difference between what broadband providers (IPS’s) claim and what the actual speed is.

SpeedTest is perhaps the best application that allows you to measure the uploading & downloading speed of your internet connection. Showing the user’s real speed, you can change the service and get insights from Ookla - global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications. There is no other free app that can give better results on speed transfer faster than SpeedTest.

2. NetSpot

Available as a free download on both Android & iOS, NetSpot is slightly different from the rest of other Wi-Fi analyzer tools. Unlike SpeedTest, it features a set of extensive data collection, ability to create Wi-Fi’s heat map and provides better insights comparing different networks the computer scans. With user-friendly interface and the power of technical advancement, it comes up with the ease of usability. 

3. Wi-Fi Analyzer

This is another free choice among the best Wi-Fi Apps to Fix Network & Connection Issues. It shows the signal strength of Wi-Fi and the signals that are overlapping the others. This feature helps in resolving cross frequency issues. Most Wi-Fis Work in 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bands, but there are network channels too and it becomes complicated and causes networks to slow down when two or more networks share the same channel. With these quick insights, you can arrange the networks to prevent further interference. 

4. Android Wi-Fi Manager

It’s a network switcher tool rather than a network detector tool. As we pass by buildings to buildings, home to coffee shops, subways to the malls, we connect to various networks of various network strengths. So, it works amazingly. 

Perhaps you may move to your next building where the Wi-Fi’s networks are strong, but your Android device will still connect to your building’s Wi-Fi when you’re in the range of better & stronger networks than yours. Android Wi-Fi manager enables users to switch from weaker network to stronger network without doing down to Android settings to change the network.

5. Wi-Fi Finder

If you keep running out of mobile data and searching for free Wi-Fi networks, this amazing android app is available for free. It can show you a number of various Wi-Fi networks in range 0f your area with stronger networks.

Also the map will allow you to reach there easily. It has enlisted millions of free Wi-Fi networks that can help you get there. If you are running out of data or have to download a game or movie, you can simply open this app and it will take you to a free high-speed Wi-Fi network.

6. Wi-Fi Fixer

This is another widely used Wi-Fi analyzer available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store that allows users to detect Wi-Fi issues and fix them in one go. However, you may be disappointed with the forceful promotion because there are so many ads and pop-up that may disrupt you. 

The Wi-Fi Fixer is a free application that works under the terms of GNU which allows you to modify or reestablish the connection. It is an open source project that highlights all the errors & issues occurring in Wi-Fi. The best thing is it’s often upgraded by the developers for better solutions.

7. Fing

The name might be funny, but the procedure to measure your Wi-Fi issues is serious. Fing is perhaps the best Wi-Fi app that fixes Wi-Fi’s hardware and network connection errors in one go. It doesn’t detect the networks, but identifies the devices that are using your network. 

If your Wi-Fi’s network slows down or unauthorized devices are detected on your network, there may be hackers, crashing your personal files or neighbours scrounging your Wi-Fi’s network without letting you know. Fing can help you detect those gate crashers on the Wi-Fi network so you can kick them out. 

There are hundreds of Wi-Fi apps available in the market that claim to provide world-class services. Though, it is still difficult to choose the best one which can help you fix all the major & minor Wi-Fi issues. So, we recommend - NetSpot that not only fixes your Wi-Fi issues but also helps in planning the best location to place your Wi-Fi router. However, you can pick the best Wi-Fi app and let it work for you.

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