OPPO Trademarks ‘Enco’ Name; Could Be A New Smartphone Series

OPPO Trademarks Enco Name

OPPO has organized a new trademark for the moniker “Enco” with the help of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). This trademark was first spotted by Android, which was arranged last month. And speculation suggests that this could be a new series of Smartphones. The Guangdong-based company has applied for this new trademark for the word “Enco”.   Now Oppo has had some new product ranges this year including Reno which is its flagship series alongside the Find series. OPPO VP Shen Yiren has indicated that the company OPPO will be launching a new series in the second half of 2019.  If Enco is a new series, then there are a few candidates that could fit under the moniker. OPPO recently show cased the world’s first under-display camera Smartphone prototype which will be also included under mass-production. The new camera with a full display is not expected to launch commercially this year. There may be a possibility that it could be declared under this new Enco label. Till now, there is no word of its launch. But it could also potentially get the Enco Label. And the trademark named “Enco” has been spotted for the first time. There is not much information about it but the trademark application reveals the rumor about it being a new series of Smartphones, which is not actually new.




Recently, OPPO has also recently applied for the Find Y moniker and is going to launch it as a series soon. This is after an official statement from OPPO’s VP that the Find X2 will not be coming in 2019. The company is going to shut down its R series of devices which was a premium range of Smartphones. Previously, OPPO’s VP, Brian Shen revealed in his Weibo post that the company will be bringing a new series of Smartphones in the second half of the year. It seems like Enco will be the name of a new feature or a technology; we can place our bets that it can be an amazing and new series by the Chinese company.



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