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Snake games probably need an introduction, a simple game that was immensely popular among all generations. Those who played this game on Nokia keypad handsets can never forget the fun it used to deliver. Even now, when the Nokia phones are no longer in trend, the game receives the same attention. With the advancement of technology, the game has gone through improvements and updates. It is now available on the web, and you can customise it depending on your preferences.  

Google brings different snake game mods that make the game more engaging. These mods, like Google snake menu mod, dark mod, the change board size, and many others, will leave you addicted to the next level. You can add fun to your game with different Google Snake game mods. Read the following details to find a range of Snake game mods and how to use them. 

Try These Google Snake Game Mods Next Time

Do you want to make your favourite game more challenging? Get the most popular Snake game mods from the following list. With their improved performance, we can ensure these Google Snake game mods will give you limitless fun. Without further ado, try out the selective Snake game mods and also share them with your friends. 

Google Snake Menu Mod

Google Snake Menu Mod is the most interesting mod, which enables you to change the background colour & characters and add & remove wall objects on all edges. You can also adjust the speed of the characters. This mod frequently updates its features, so you may find additional features whenever you play the game. 

Dark Mod

The dark mod of the Snake game makes the experience more impressive. As the name suggests, you will play on a black background, which is quite relaxing to the eyes. The white snake on the black background looks attractive, and there are bright green dots to guide you. This is one of the Snake game mods that brings several features in just one mod. You can add several colour themes to make it more engaging. After one or two chances, you will become addicted to this new mod. 

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Animated Colour Mod 

Animated Colour Mod is a great way to make the game more appealing. Among other Google Snake game mods, this one comes in multiple colours. You can also change the pattern to animated and also select the frame rate. If you are looking for cool Snake game mods for your kids, Animate Colour Mod is one you should choose. A combination of colours like blue, pink, yellow, black, and more will add a fun twist to the game. 

Mouse Mod

Sounds interesting? It is! For this, you do not need a keypad to play the game. Also, your snake can easily move anywhere within the area without worrying about the grid. However, it is more challenging to play than a regular snake game, as you need to be careful about touching yourself. The game becomes more enjoyable when you have to eat the elements so close to the snake's length. 

Snake Wall Endgame Sooner

Yet another excellent mod on the list of Google Snake game mods. If you want to stay long in the game, this mod is for you. There are no walls in the game, thus no worry of the game ending that usually happens by touching the wall. You can enjoy the game for hours with this mod. 

How To Play Snake Game Mods On Google?

The Google Snake game can be accessed easily with a simple Google search, but the different mods are accessible through GitHub, which is a little complex, with a precise guide. Don't worry; we make it simple and quick for you by bringing a step-by-step guide. Let's look at the steps-

Step 1 Download the Google Snake menu from GitHub.
Step 2 Next, download the Moremenu.html file to the computer and bookmark it. 
Step 3 Press 'CTRL+SHIFT+O' to open the Bookmark menu in your browser; from here, you need to import the file. 
Step 4 Click the three dots to see the option to import the file. 
Step 5 Once the Moremenu.html is imported, type 'Snake Game' on your Chrome browser and play it for one time. 
Step 6 Again, click on the three dots and go to the Bookmark - Imported - More Menu Stuff. 
Step 7: Tap the 'cog wheel icon' to see different Snake game mods. 

Now you can play Google Snake game mods through different maps and change the speed. However, removing the mods is that easy; you need to shut down the browser and relaunch it. Or you can simply delete the Snake game menu file from your bookmarks. 


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