Google Pixel 7a 5G Review: Is This ‘Pixel Perfect’?

Google Pixel 7a 5G Review Putting The Budget Phone To Test

Google is known for making software, cloud computing applications, YouTube, and Maps. However, Google turned the whole smartphone market on its head when it first released its flagship, Google Pixel. The phone had great software, robust cameras and a reasonable price. However, after Pixel 3, Google started making ‘a’ series of their number phones like 3a, 4a and so on. Their latest offering, Google Pixel 7a 5G, is now out and has created a lot of buzz. 


In this blog, we will examine the specs. and other key features of the Google Pixel 7a 5G and tell you if it's the best value-for-money option on the market today or not. 


A Comprehensive Google Pixel 7a 5G Review 

In this Google Pixel 7a 5G, we will discuss the specifications, display, design, camera, and, most importantly, the software used in the Google Pixel.

Google Pixel 7a 5G Review: Specifications



Google Pixel 7a 5G


152x72.9x9 (mm) 

193.5 Grams; Aluminium Body

Glass Front (Corning Gorilla Glass 3)

Screen And Display

6.1-Inch; 1080x2400; OLED, HDR, 90Hz

~81.8% Body-To-Screen Ratio

429 PPI

 1000 Nits Peak Brightness

Operating System

Android 13, Upgradable To Android 14

Pixel UI ( Very Similar To Stock Android UI)

Chipset And GPU

Octa-Core, Google Tensor G2 (5nm)

Mali-G710 MP7

Storage And Memory

128 GB UFS 3.1 Storage With 8 GB RAM

Main Camera

64 MP, f/1.9, 26mm (wide), 1/1.73", dual pixel PDAF, OIS

13 MP, f/2.2, 120˚ (ultrawide) 

4k@ 30/60 FPS; 1080@30/60/120/240

Selfie Camera

13 MP, f/2.2, 20mm (ultrawide)


4385 mAh Li-ion Battery 

18 Watts Fast-Charging 

7.5 Watts Wireless


Rs. 39,490


So, there you have it; here are some of the important specifications of the Google Pixel 7a 5G. Nothing here screams unique or extraordinary. However, Google's strength has always been its software, not its hardware, which we will look at in the following sections. 

Google Pixel 7a 5G Review: Design And Display

The phone's design is the first thing to discuss in this Google Pixel 7a 5G review. Well, truth be told, the design is nothing extraordinary. Although the design differs from other Android phones, it's still nothing unique. Initially, when Pixel 6 was launched, Google changed the way it looked and ditched the industry standard camera placement at the corner. They used a black stripe to put the cameras behind the phone, which was a breath of fresh air. However, every phone has been the same ever since. According to a review by Smartphone Crunch, even Google’s latest Pixel 8 Pro has the same design. 


The display in this Google Pixel 7a 5G review is also nothing extraordinary. It has a 6.1-inch 90 HZ OLED screen, which is quite standard for the price range. One caveat we found in the phone’s display is the brightness of the OLED panel. At max, the Google Pixel can only reach a peak brightness of around 1000 Nits. However, the screen is incredibly smooth. 

Google Pixel 7a 5G Review: Camera

Now, this is one of the fields where Google Pixel 7a 5G excels. Here, Google fully utilises the AI capabilities of its Tensor G2 chip. Also, the phone's hardware has been upgraded. In the previous 6a, the main camera was a mere 12 MP. However, the main camera sensor on the phone has now gone to 64 MP, which results in crisp photos and videos. Although the camera is bigger and better than the previous generation phone, it still lacks zooming capabilities. When you zoom in, the pictures look more like blurry oil paintings than photos. 


Regarding low-light photography, the Google Pixel 7a 5G is up to par with any other phone at the same price point and sometimes even better. The bigger camera sensor allows more light to come in. Moreover, it has a long exposure mode where the shutter speed is slowed down quite a bit, which allows even more light to come in. 

Google Pixel 7a 5G Review: Performance

The new Tensor G2 chip in the Google Pixel 7a 5G is quite good for gaming and performance. Unlike other OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), who put inferior chips in their budget flagships, Google has used the same chip it uses in its bigger Pixel-numbered phones. This has two benefits: the AI features and photo editing features are all there, and the phone's performance is the best in the segment. No other phone can even come close to the Pixel 7a 5G’s performance, let alone surpass it. 


It can easily run all the latest games and for long gaming sessions. The only caveat is that the phone has a small battery, and extreme gaming can deplete it quickly. 

Google Pixel 7a 5G Review: Software

This is the elephant in the room. This is what separates Google Pixel 7a 5G from every other phone on the planet. Google uses a homemade and special version of Android 13 for its Pixel devices, and it will update to Android 15 once it's out. The UI is light, easy, and intuitive, which makes the phone extremely easy to use. There are many features that you can only find in Pixel phones. For example, your Pixel can listen to any music playing in the background and display the song's name on your screen. This in-built feature doesn’t require you to download any third-party app. The only problem is software updates. It’s almost a disgrace that Google only provides software updates for three years on a device they make. This is a full in-house project by Google, they have made the software, hardware, chips and phones, and still, only three years of software updates are absolutely unacceptable. 

Buy The Only Pixel Perfect Phone For You

After evaluating all the pros and cons of the phone, we have concluded that Google Pixel 7a 5G is arguably the best Pixel phone ever. At the very least, it is the best value-for-money phone on the market today. We hope you like our review. Smartphone Crunch always comes up with new reviews. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1- When was the first pixel launched?

A- The first-ever pixel was launched on October 4 2016. 

2-  Who is the CEO Of Google?

A- Sundar Pichai is Google’s CEO.

3- Who founded Google?

A- Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Google in 1998. 

4- Is there a Pixel 8a?

A- No. Although it is expected to launch sometime in 2024. 

5- Which are the latest Pixel Phones?

A- Pixel 8 Pro is the latest Pixel phone on the market today.


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