How To Use Houseparty: All the Basic And Pro Tips To Get A Buzz Out Of Homestay

How to Use Houseparty

Woohoo! Mumma is gonna be so proud of you today and why shouldn't she, after all, you've planned to stay at home for the whole day or maybe a week or two. Anyways, we are not trying to woo you, of course, it's your choice to be at home. But all we can do is enlighten you about something that could even double your entertainment at home and most amazingly you can have fun with your gang while staying at home. 

As the world is fighting with the novel coronavirus outbreak, lockdowns have been imposed, the people are restricted to their homes. It sounds okay to stay at home until the walls start itching you and in just a while it starts affecting your mental health. And obviously, what would an individual do? You cannot just watch Netflix throughout the whole day or love your Bae. At Least cannot do the same for weeks or even for months, But in countries like China, Italy and America, people are locked in their own houses and why because they all are fighting against COVID-19 and want to halt the spread of this blah blah creepy shit.

And something that is totally strange but peaceful to the heart is news that there is an application in the market namely ‘Houseparty’ s social networking service (Slightly different than Instagram, Facebook, and Skype) that allows group video calls and chatting easily through desktop and mobile as well. 

And, if you are still wondering how to use Houseparty to play exciting games and chat & video calls with friends then you have reached the right place. Here, we answer all your queries regarding every single latest technology or tech-gadget. This is a go-to-go guide on ‘How to use Houseparty app’ to have fun when stuck at home. 

Brief About Houseparty: An online video chat application

Designed with an extremely creative idea to connect people amid the coronavirus outbreak, Houseparty is a social networking mobile app available on Android, iOS, Chrome, and macOS. It is a great platform that establishes an online connection and the best side of this app which makes a difference is its online gaming features and video chatting. Another exciting feature to add to the count of the best apps in 2020 is its gaming. Unlike other similar applications like Skype and zoom don’t allow the users to play thrilling games while video chatting. 

Besides its launching in 2018, this app is gaining more and more popularity in the days of quarantine. Most people are forced to stay at home in response to reduce the escalation of the virus. And Houseparty is designed to curb the effects of ‘social distancing’, of course, not physically but technically. Knowing how to use Houseparty App will help you connect friends, groups on video calls and chill through playing online games at this point of time.

How to Use or Setup Houseparty App?

You just need to follow these 3 steps and you will be online with your gang once again as you were before this lockdown. 

  • Sign Up: Above all you need to sign up for an account where you might be asked to enter your name, age, and a few other details. Also, the verification process is a bit strict because it goes to your security as well. So, you will have to enter your mobile number and then the 4 digit OTP to confirm verification.

  • Find new friends: You can allow the Houseparty to access your contact and sync it with other contacts in your list. It also reaches your list of friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You will only be able to connect with the people who already have ‘Houseparty App’ on their phones.

  • Search for the Parties: Swipe right on the screen, not just like tinder at all. To join any house party you need to swipe right on the screen and you will see recent contact you have spoken to and active house parties and what are some of your friends in those parties. Tap the icon on the left corner to notify your friend that you want a video call.

How to Play games on Houseparty

Well, this is for what you have spent your mobile data and, of course, have signed up for this app. Houseparty offers a wide range of exciting games to enjoy with your game. Here are some of the best games available on the Houseparty app.

  • Head’s Up

  • Mystery Word

  • Human Cluedo

  • Cards against humanity


  • Cereal Box Game

  • Sheet Mime

  • Ring of Fire

  • Beer Pong

  • Chocolate Game and a few others

The process of playing these games is just simple.

Step one: Tap top-right dice icon. Choose from the collection of games. Select one among them
Step Two: Read the rules and regulations of the game in the pop-up show while selecting games.
Step Three: Games will automatically stop once you're finished.

Sometimes, you may find it tough to play games with friends due to some glitches but the company has done a lot to solve it. So, finally, Houseparty becomes your new spot to stay and chill with friends amid the pandemic. 

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