How To Buy The Best Gaming Laptop? A Complete Guide For 2020

How To Buy The Best Gaming Laptop

While the desktop is the supreme choice of many PC gamers, it needs to be replaced to get more portability. A gaming laptop can make a difference, with the power to play games in a compatible size you can carry with you. 

But there are plenty of questions about this purchase that make you confused. When you’re searching for a gaming laptop, you’re not just looking at specifications given by the manufacturer. You look at the whole system, including a strong built-in keyboard & display and a powerful processor to ensure quality gameplay without hanging and other issues. 

This is perhaps a big investment in hardware that you will be using for at least two or three years. And gaming laptops are quite tougher to select than other daily use laptops, therefore we’re here to help you pick the best gaming laptop that will fit all your needs. This article consists of everything, specifications, features, detailed summary, and a tough reason which makes sense while buying a gaming laptop. Keep reading to make the right decision when purchasing your next high-performance gaming laptop. 

Quick Tips To Keep in Mind for Next-Gen Gaming Laptop

  • Get a High-end GPU: Most PC gamers GPU-dependent, and unfortunately you cannot upgrade this on your laptop. A high-end GPU will ensure that your laptop runs smoothly at high settings for a longer time. 

  • Check for Later Upgrades: Most, though not all, gaming laptops allow you to upgrade RAM & Hard Disk. 

  • Good Resolution Or High Speed: The super-fast 144Hz display in most laptops only comes at 1920 x 1080 resolution, therefore going over a 4K screen won't be a good choice. 

  • Look for a Strong Keyboard: A gamer is always connected to his keyboard more than anything else, and of course, you won’t play your games on mushy or stiff.

  • Longer Battery: Most gaming laptops come with 8 hours battery life, so look for a stronger battery for best & longer performance. 

The Gaming Laptop Experience: Affected Factors


There are plenty of factors to consider carefully when searching for a gaming laptop. Depending on how roughly you will be using your system. Also, it depends on which game you’ll be playing on your laptop. Sometimes, you’ll be in a very perplexing situation in which you’ll find that some features are important, while others are just filling the gap. 

By formulating a list of your top priorities that you want in your gaming laptop, you can make the right decision in your purchase. And, you’re going to use your laptop for at least two years, therefore it’s vital to look for all the essential features that must be in an ideal gaming laptop. Here’s a quick list of things to consider when purchasing your new gaming laptop. 

1. Screen & Display


What’s your plan about the screen & display of a gaming laptop? Of course, you'll agree on 15-inch with 600×900 (HD+) just like every second guy who called himself a diehard gamer. However, this measure is commonly found in most gaming laptops and there are a few laptops in the market with an 18-inch display laced with (2560 x 1440, 3840 x 2160) resolution, depending on your budget. 

A high-quality display defines further characteristics of a gaming laptop, therefore, consider it as the most essential part of your search. Displays are often overlooked, but it's crucial to consider it important, most notebooks and laptops have 15- or 17-inch displays. If you are connecting your laptop to a monitor, the built-in screen will decide how you see all your games. You must check for the following things in your Gaming Laptop’s display;

  • Size: 15- to 17-inch laptops are best. What size you like is subject to your personal preference, but keep in mind that the larger the screen, the heavier the laptop.

  • Resolution: It depends on your budget and preference, but never compromises on less than 1920 x 1080 resolution display. 

  • Refresh Rate: Whether you’re a professional gamer or not, 1080P resolution backed by a 60Hz display is enough. You can go after FHD displays with a faster, 144Hz, or 240Hz refresh rate for smoother gaming.

  • Graphic Cards: It’s your personal choice of what company you love, but Nvidia’s G-sync and AMD’s FreeSync is best all the ways. 

  • Avoid Touch Screen: It may seem lavish to have a touch screen laptop but touch screens are not considered best for gaming laptops. 

2. Build Quality, Type, Design & Confort


There are various types & sizes of laptops in the market. From entry-level to pro-level gaming laptops, depending on your budget & requirement, you can make the right decision. You may look for a good balance of size, design, build type, and performance, but there are plenty of other factors to consider essential, including that combination of power & portability, available input devices, and other performance-related factors. Here’s how to pick the best gaming laptop on such basis;

  • Weight: You cannot just go to the store and pick anyone suggested by the salesman. Of course, a thinner & lighter laptop design would be perfect, when it comes to portability. 

  • Build-type: Most gaming laptops in the market come up with an aluminum case that enables users to have a sleek & portable design than the standard plastic case. 

  • Inputs: Whether you’re a professional or hardcore gamer, mechanical keyboards have become too popular in the market. Therefore, it’s a good choice to go after. 

  • Cooling Fans: Of course, you’re going to taste your new gaming laptop until it meets all your expectations. So, it’s better to pick a laptop with advanced cooling systems. Most modern laptops have this feature. 

  • Extras: Everybody loves extra, and some major gaming laptop brands like Acer and Sony provide premium features like User-control, Gyro, RGB lighting, and Eye-tracking tech as well. There are many additional features in Acer predator Helios 300 2020. Click here to read the full review.

3. Great Hardware Determine Great Performance


There are multiple options available in the market. They’re available in all shapes & sizes at your convenience and some dedicated gaming laptops can offer desktop-caliber performance & desired features, all in a portable package. Here’s a list of what to look for when choosing a gaming laptop. All the given elements are important and second to none, so consider investing in a perfectly balanced build as per your needs. 

  • CPU: Over the past year, we have observed too much evaluation of the gaming industry and so the gaming laptops and other gadgets. We’ve seen next-gen mobile CPUs that offer faster frequencies and enhanced core units, providing the best in both portability & performance. Well, here it depends on various factors. If you’re planning to stream or record your gameplay, you should go for a high-end CPU. Capture software is a must while streaming on twitch or YouTube. Recently, Facebook launched a dedicated gaming app for hardcore gamers to showcase their skills. Here’s How to Use Facebook Gaming App for Unlimited Live Streams.  

  • GPU: There are various types of GPU available in the market, but most gaming laptops feature slimmed-down GPUs that are almost similar when compared with desktop performance. A GPU is perhaps the most essential part of your gaming laptop to determine the quality of gameplay & pixels while streaming. Therefore, you’ll have to ensure that your laptop comes up with a best-in-the-market GPU and CPU. 

  • RAM: What measure you’ve kept in your mind for your next gaming laptop? Well, 8GB of RAM is the minimum recommendation for an entry gaming laptop. Also, 16GB RAM has become standard in most modern laptops. Always look for upgradable RAM options so that you can upgrade your laptop anytime.

  • Storage: The future of gaming is a virtual casino, but of course, you won’t play or stream that shit. Therefore, any of the standard gaming laptops with standard storage would be great for you. However, NAND-based storage devices, new interfaces like NVMe, and SSD storages are becoming so popular with increased affordability. Still, you better set your eyes on at least 256GB of SSD capacity in your next gaming laptop because that’s what is least these days. 


With more & more people are looking for gaming laptops and the number of hardcore gamers is increasing every day. Therefore, we can consider that the gaming industry is on a boom. Here are the 5 Signs Indicate A Boom In The Global Online Gaming Industry In 2020. If you want to make a fortune in this highly dedicated gaming world, you’d need a highly-scalable and portable gaming laptop. Follow all the above-given tips to choose a world-class gaming laptop. 

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