Check This Simple Guide On How To Hide Apps In iPhone

How To Hide Apps In iPhone

iPhone comes with lots of interesting features, alongside it lacks the dedicated feature to hide the apps on the device. It can be challenging to keep your home screen tidy and organized as iOS automatically add icons on the home screen for all the apps you download. What to do in the case when you want to keep your home screen uncluttered & managed or hide some private apps like dating apps because of parent restrictions or you don’t want them to be accessed by others. You might be wondering if there is a way of managing the icons from your home screen. Well, how to hide apps in iPhone is no more complicated with this well-defined guide. 

While the Apple device lacks the dedicated feature of doing so, it still has very convenient options that one can use to hide the app which is not in use or you want to keep secret. So let’s find out the options for How To Hide Apps In iPhone so that you can access a more manageable and controlled home screen. 

There are several ways to hide the apps in your Apple device, but in this article, we are gonna discuss the easiest way using the iPhone search option.  

How To Hide Apps In iPhone Using Search Option: 

Step-1 Go to the iPhone setting by tapping on the “Setting” option. 

Step-2 Tap on the “Siri & Search” option. (The page will display all the applications)

Step-3 Now scroll down the apps section and select the apps you wish to hide from your home screen. 

Step-4 Once you select the application, you’ll be able to see a few options. ‘Toggle Off” these options: 

(a) Learn from this app

(b) Show in search 

(c) Show in Siri suggestions


When you’re done, the selected app will be hidden from your home screen. This is perhaps one of the most simple ways to keep your apps secret. Now the apps you have hidden are not available anymore and moreover, they will not even be found from search features, also you won’t receive any notification related to them. 

Note- This option will not allow you to select multiple apps at once as you need to repeat the process individually for every application you want to hide. 

So this was all about how to hide apps in iPhone, but what if you wish to get these apps back on your screen? We have also penned down the solution on How to unhide the hidden apps in iPhone using the search option. Check it out.

How To Unhide Apps In iPhone Using Search Option:

If you wish to unhide the particular app you had hidden before, you need to go back to “Siri & Search” and click on the apps you have hidden previously. Now simple toggle the given options back on. 

Though, there is currently no app, despite many apps designed to hide photos, videos, notes, and text messages. Unfortunately, the other way to keep them secret is to restrict or uninstall which is absolutely not an ideal option. 

But as we all know, nothing is impossible. There is another effective way to hide your apps is to move them in a folder. Have a look. 

How To Hide Apps In iPhone Through Moving Them Into Folder:

One of the easiest and feasible ways to hide your private apps is to move them into a particular folder. 

Step-1 Press & hold the app until it grows slightly larger than its normal size. 

Step-2 Move the app onto your screen.  

Step-3 Put this app on the other app you want to keep secret. 

Step-4 Two apps together will create a folder where you can move more similar apps with the same process. 

Step-5 Name the folder accordingly suitability. 

Step-6 You can manage your apps in multiple folders to overcome the mess up. 

Step-7  Press the home button to set everything in place. 


Whether or not there is any dedicated app to hide apps from the iPhone, these ways are good enough to manage your messed up screen. For more tips & tricks like this, you can visit our website where we have gathered information from nook and cranny to make your tasks easier and feasible. Go and check out the more tips & tricks. 


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