Best News Apps To Know Everything About The World

Best news apps

Nowadays hectic schedule doesn’t let you stay connected to the world news. People try their best to stay ahead of all the content coming their way. However, they fail miserably. It can be daunting to search through varying websites to find informative news each day. Large companies like Apple and Google are trying their best to solve this problem. Numerous start-ups are lending their hand to address this problem. They all are offering news apps and help you to organize all the content. Important news apps are available on both platforms of Android and iOS. You can access your favorite news apps on your smartphones without any hassle. 

Based on their performance, we have chosen below mentioned best news apps and comprised them in one list. We not only choose these apps on a performance basis but we also consider user reviews. Through such a process, we have ensured that these are the best apps in enhancing people’s intelligence level. These apps work well with all kind of smartphones and they are user and phone friendly. This list has the top 5 news apps for all Android and iPhone users. When you download an app from this list you won’t feel any trouble to be well informed. So let’s start apps’ information one by one.

1.    Flipboard
This app has established itself in the market of Android and iPhone for numerous reasons. It curates important content which has been accessed from around the world. This content is 100% authentic and correct. It’s very simple to access the content which has been given in this app. You need to find a tab and click on it to know about the latest news.  This app is free of cost and available on Google Play and App store. This is one of the best news apps for android


2.    Google News
Google is not just an industry it is a mammoth of the IT industry. This industry is a major player in the news business for so many decades. Google Search engine is viewed as the topmost in the search market. People first prefer this search engine to find any kind of news every second. This industry has provided its app, named as Google News, on the Android and iPhone smartphones. This app gives the same experience as it gives on Google Search Engine. Google News analyzes your taste and delivers the content according to it. When you get a chance to boot it up, it shows the top five stories at the same time. Google news app will provide you with a single story and a timeline of articles. This timeline helps you to see how the story has changed over a period of time. This app works well with your Google account and makes it accessible on your mobile. You can download it free form Google Play and App store. 


3.    Apple News
This app is bliss for iPhone owners as it counts as one of the best news apps for iPad. This app comes with the company’s iOS operating system. You don’t need to download a third-party app to get access to the news on Apple News. This app doesn’t start abruptly, rather it asks you to choose what kind of content you are looking for. It takes this information, given by you, and creates an informative list of news stories which suit your needs. This app sends you notifications to give you information about a new story when it comes online. You get all the breaking news and exclusive news on this app promptly. You can say it is very updated and fully feature loaded app. Any Mac user can syndicate content across devices. On the contrary, this app lets Android user down as it is not available on Google Play. Hopefully, in the coming months or years, Apple will bring this useful app to the Android. But we can make a random guess because we don’t know about the exact time duration of it. This app is free on the App Store. 


4.    Feedly 
This app can be considered as not that much famous among news lovers. But its appealing design lures people and makes it a strong contender in this list. This app comes with a stripped-down design that skips bulky banners, ugly sidebars, and other problems. This app provides you with easy access to informative content. It gives you full-screen pane to read your favorite news and articles on smartphones. Feedly app comes with a feature of night mode. This feature lets you read your favorite news or article in the dark. This app is equipped with another feature of artificial intelligence. It identifies the kind of news you are looking for and delivers the same content to your phone. This app is available on Android and iOS which is free. 


5.    Inoreader 
Although this app is not enjoying that kind of attention which Flipboard does, it is a strong contender for a place in best news apps. If someone is looking for alternatives, can consider this app as it is a solid choice. If we talk about this app’s main feature so it has a very alluring design. You can separate your favorite news and article along with different topics. And, you can create your newsfeed which will be based on your favorite content. This app does this work through still images and the centerpiece. Inoreader also has the best feature of night mode because it lets you read your favorite news and article in dark without any problem. Through this app, you can export content and send it to your friends, family, and others. This app is free to download on Android as well as iOS.



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