Nvidia RTX 5090: Specs, Performance Gains and Rumours

Nvidia’s Next-Gen Powerhouse GPU Almost Here

Recently, news broke out that Nvidia, the leading chip manufacturer in the world, will be launching its latest gaming GPU series, RTX 5000, in a few months. Ever since this news, RTX 5090 has been the talk of the tech world, and people are not able to contain themselves after hearing about this. The fact that Nvidia and many industry experts claim that the RTX 5090 can be twice as powerful as its predecessor RTX 4090, is bonkers. Why? Well, mostly because the RTX 4090 was a ‘Powerhouse’ of a GPU. It was much more powerful than needed in any AAA title. Nonetheless, Nvidia has managed to create an even more ridiculous machine, and we are not even talking about the Ti model yet. In this blog, let's review all the leaks and rumpus available on the latest powerhouse by Nvidia, RTX 5090. 

RTX 5090 Release Date

Let’s get this out of the way first. Currently, there is no confirmation as to when the new Nvidia RTX 5090 will be released in the market. However, experts believe that we can see the next-gen GPU in late 2024 or early 2025. People are optimistic about the GPU's release date. This is because the world has been going through a chip shortage for some time now. However, the shortage is now not as severe as before. So, Nvidia shouldn’t have any supply chain problems. With the release date out of our way, let's talk about other important things like the specs and performance.  

RTX 5090 Specs



Nvidia RTX 4090

Nvidia RTX 5090

Streaming Multiprocessors



Cuda Cores



Ray Tracing Cores



Tensor Cores



Boost Clock

2.52 Ghz

2.9 Ghz

L2 Cache

72 MB

128 MB

Memory Bandwidth

1,008 GB/S

1542 GB/S


This table shows just how much better the all-new RTX 5090 can be. Before we move forward, make sure you take this review and the specs mentioned above with a grain of salt. Every detail we mentioned here is speculation and hasn’t made any official announcements. 


The new RTX 5090 can have more Streaming multiprocessors, Cuda cores, Ray-Tracing cores, and tensor cores than the already super-powerful RTX 4090. 

Moreover, the higher boost clock also signifies a significant improvement in the performance of the RTX 5090. 


Along with a higher number of performance cores and boost speed, the new RTX 5090 will have almost double the L2 cache than RTX 4090. More cache enables the GPU to hold more data, making the processes faster and lossless. The RTX 5090 will also have a higher bandwidth memory, making the tasks faster and more efficient. 

RTX 5090: Price Speculations

Now, this is the elephant in the room. The price of RTX models is getting bigger with every new model. The RTX 3090 is at around Rs. 1 Lakh in India, and the RTX 4090 is around Rs. 2 Lakh. 


Regarding the latest Nvidia RTX 5090, there are speculations that it can start from around $1699 or Rs. 1,41,969 at launch. However, considering its GPUs' past price and performance, we wouldn't be surprised if it cost even more. It's safe to say that the card's price will be around Rs. 3 Lakh or even more. 

RTX 5090: Performace

Well, as there is no official data or benchmark score on which to base the performance number of the RTX 5090, it is a bit of a grey area. However, experts and enthusiasts claim the RTX 5090 will perform 70% better than the previous generation’s RTX 4090. Moreover, it is safe to say that people are talking about the pure and rasterized performance of the card without considering the DLSS capabilities Nvidia cards possess. DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling. It helps enhance the performance without sacrificing the graphics of the game. Moreover, you can overclock your GPU for even more performance, although it's not like you need it.

RTX 5090: Other Leaks

Nvidia is also expected to update its Ada Lovelace chip structure to accommodate and support DisplayPort 2.1, which was unavailable in the previous generation. Moreover, it will feature a full-size HDMI port. 


However, people are talking about the latest RTX 5090's power connector the most. One of the worst things about the last-generation RTX 4090 was its power connector. The 12VHPWR connector was a weak link in the card and gave users a lot of problems. Many users claimed that their card stopped in the middle of gaming because it wasn’t getting enough power. Some users even claimed that the connector pins had melted from the heat generated. This is when the next leak comes in. According to a persistent and reliable leaker, Moore’s Law Is Dead, the new RTX 5090 will feature a full-sized 16-pin connector. This can significantly improve the reliability issues that users faced in previous-generation cards. Third-party sellers like Asus must also use the same 16-pin connector for their GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). This can also enable the OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) to make the card more power-hungry. So, if you plan on buying the new RTX 5090, you might also want to buy a new power supply for your PC. 

Will You Buy The RTX 5090?

Although there are several leaks, there is still not enough to say whether it is a good deal. It's obvious that the card will have robust and increased performance. However, whether it is a good deal significantly depends on the card's price and power consumption. Nvidia has been known for making cards that require a ton of power to work at max and for super expensive cards. So, only time will tell how good of a deal we are in for. Stay tuned with TechtoReview to stay updated on the world's technical landscape.


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