A Simple Guide On How To Browse All Netflix Movies

how to browse all Netflix movies

There is no doubt to say Netflix is a huge OTT platform with numerous content to stream from Hollywood to Bollywood movies, TV Shows to the latest Web series. Your eyes may seek rest but Netflix won’t get tired of giving you continuous and endless stream. 

Amid innumerable entertainment content, while the company is currently broadcasting over 3,600 titles considering entertainment of its users, searching your keyword among a huge collection is overwhelming. It is quite tricky and sometimes frustrating when you’re eagerly keen to stream your content you can’t access it. 

If you’re one among those who always stuck with how to browse all Netflix movies, then you just need some guidance and you’re good to go. Netflix puts all content like movies and TV shows category wise such as ‘Drama’, ‘Romance’, ‘Comedy’, and ‘Horror’ to make your Netflix movies list search at ease for just users. But still, you can see a limited number of titles within the genres. 

Most Netflix subscribers are not aware that there are some secret codes or tactics that make users easier to find something of their type. To help you out in how to watch movies on Netflix, we at Tech to Review being third-party support, are here with some proven tips. No matter how you search the Netflix list of movies, be it on Android, iOS, or as well as TV, there is a specific way that takes you to your way. 

How To Search Content On Netflix:

However, to reach out to your desired piece of entertainment is not rocket science if you know the exact trick & tip. Let’s check how we make your Netflix browsing easier.

  1. Open Netflix account, no matter which device you’re using, be it Mobile, Laptop, or TV. 

  2. At the top right corner of the screen, tap or click on the search icon. 

  3. Now type your search mentioned following. No, it is not exactly as I have been doing. Let us tell you, there are a number of different kinds of searches you can perform to which you were still unaware of. Check what are those-  

  • By Title- If you search for the title for the movies or show, Netflix will show that all items including your search. In case Netflix doesn’t have the content you’re looking for it will display most similar content.  

  • By Actor-You can search your content by name of actor and actress, Netflix will display the list of movies and shows in which they have performed. 

  • By Director- Likewise, you can search by director name to find the movies and shows they worked on. 

  • By Genre- If you’re looking for a particular kind of show like ‘Drama’, ‘Romance’, ‘Comedy’, and ‘Horror’, you can enter the particular term and Netflix will show you all related material.

  • By Language- Yes, Netflix offers its shows in different languages be it Spanish, French, or else. Just type your required language and you’re all set.

  • By Video Quality- You can search by “UDH” quality to find shows that are in 4K UHD quality. 


Notice that Netflix shows do not just search results. Due to no shortage of movies and TV shows available on this most demanding OTT platform, you have to also deal with categories. If you want to check one result from those categories, click on it, and focus on the collection of movies to search your one. If you couldn’t get it, check the below section to know more about how to browse all movies on Netflix by category.

How To Browse All Movies On Netflix By Category

If you choose “TV Shows” or “Movies”, you will switch to a page that will display only one or more other options. When you do, you’ll see a dropdown menu in which you can choose a genre directly. 

So this is how we have troubleshot your problem of how to browse all Netflix movies. Hope you guys got your way to search your favorite movie and TV shows. 

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