Apollo Photo Editor : Review

Apollo Photo Editor

Apollo is a new “Immersive illumination” is the only iPhone app that enables you to add lighting source to your portrait mode photos. It is something that no other Smartphone manufacturer has been able to achieve till date. Though you need some conditions for the photos, you have to be in a perfect lighting place to make this portrait lighting mode to work. The Apollo for iPhone works with the depth maps created by dual camera iPhones, and constructs a 3D map of your photo which you can extend with new light sources in real time. Apollo is the first app to use the Depth data of your portrait mode photos to calculate photorealistic lighting. You can select the color, intensity, distance of the light and illuminate your photos to heart’s content. Taking Portrait mode photos requires iPhone 7plus, 8plus, X, Xr, Xs or Xs max, so basically, Apollo app can work only with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


One of the main features of the app is that you can add up to over 30 different light sources in a single picture. You can edit and spread the light source individually, contained in the specific areas. This photo editor app is able to render the light sources on a portrait scene in a real-time which uses proprietary processing algorithm running on your iPhone's graphics card to calibrate and digitize the aspects of real-time lighting. Apart from normal photo lighting apps, it also supports light masks which make your photos look unique through the use of different lighting pattern. There are more than 50 different light masks available in this app which can enhance your portrait mode photos.

Apollo: Immersive illumination created by Indice ltd. is one of a kind app that can shape scene lighting by adding or even by removing the light, in this app, it is possible to put a light source within the frame due to the invisible lamps. Whenever you add a light source, the Apollo app checks the 4 different factors which are, the estimated position in the 3D space, light intensity, light spread, color. This app is easy to use, though you will be needing a bit of patience to get your desired results. One small feature that makes it the best photo editing app is that it does not ruin the quality of the photos and keeps them in the same resolution with Apple’s wide color (P3) gamut. The user interface is optimized for use with one thumb, which allows you to view the entire photos at once.

Some highlighted points of Apollo are:-    

•    Supports multiple light sources
•    Photo-realistic lightings
•    Real-Time editing
•    Light mask support
•    Non-Destructive editing
•    Uses depth data provided by dual camera’s

Compatible devices  iPhone 7 plus and above, iPad, iPod touch
App version  1.0.4
Android Version required  Requires version 11.0 or later
App size  9.59MB
Developer Indice ltd.
Genre  Photo and video


It is a very user-friendly app, as when it is installed the first time and allowed to access photo library, it will automatically scan all the portrait mode photos and bring to its library. Apollo comes up with the one-time purchase method and there are no hidden charges included in it, you can buy it any time from the app store. There are many good Apollo reviews as there is no other app which can manage lighting or include this much features in a single app at a very low price of $0.99, readily available at the app store.

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