iOS 12 Is Here And This is Everything You Need To Know

iOS 12 Is Here And This is Everything You Need To Know

Apple has always focused hard on its software updates. The iOS 12 is out, let's see how it is

Updated: 24 Jan, 2019 09:18 AM

Technology usually sells itself on utility and when it comes Apple, we know that the software gets better with each update. Apple has finally released iOS 12 for its mobile devices.

But, this time Instead of allowing you to do more, it actually aims to help you to do less. The recent update bought in additional features, also many optimizations on existing features for a smoother User experience. 

The addition of screen time and updated classic DND (Do Not Disturb) were long-awaited but hey! At least they are finally here.
Having OTP’s (One Time Passwords) auto-filled was also a great addition to the iOs 12

So, below I have mentioned a few features that were included with the iOS 12 update. Hope you like it and enjoy using your iPhone
with the new updates.


There were a lot of rumors last year suggesting that fans will be getting a dual SIM version of the iPhone. Apparently, the extra dual SIM happened to be available in the form of an eSIM. Where you’ll be able to pick and switch between two networks simultaneously. But the second eSIM will only work if your SIM carrier supports eSIM services. (It also allows single iPhone to support two different phone numbers simultaneously.)

New Animojis

Currently, Animojis are only limited to Apple’s latest mobile devices like- iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and the brand new iPad Pro. On the other hand, iOS 12 is updated with 70 new Animojis that includes different types of animals, fruits, foods, faces etc. 

Downtime & Parental control

Using your phone the whole day can bring up health issues. Here is where the “Downtime” comes into play; this feature helps you set up a timer that limits the usage of a particular app. When the timer is up you get a prompt telling you that your limit is over on the particular app. This, when coupled with parental control, will disable the limit only with a master password.
 In the settings menu, you can get access to reports which tell the usage stats of the iPhone on different apps or tasks.

Smart Do not disturb and notifications

Most importantly, Do Not Disturb is the feature that has control over so many useless notifications pop up on your screen even when you are in an important meeting or elsewhere. Apple iOS 12 has come with the update like grouped notifications shown as a stack, vanishing somewhere in the depth of your screen. 
To enable, you can engage the distraction-silencing feature as usual, from the swipe-down control panel. You can opt the feature accordingly like, for an hour, until this evening and until I leave this location.

iOS 12 optimized for a smoother experience

According to Apple, some features of the phone will be twice as fast with iOS 12. Most prominently, Apple accepts the fact that users will notice a difference in the camera and keyboard. And which is true, the camera apps boot up 70% faster and the keyboard will  50% much more responsive than before. Even surfing, scrolling, and loading pages have gotten smoother

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