How To Spy On Whatsapp Messages From Your PC Or Phone

How To Spy On Whatsapp Messages From Your PC Or Phone

If you are looking for an app that lets you spy on WhatsApp messages of your partner, then you are at the right place. This article will discuss in detail and tell you about an app that will help you track WhatsApp messages and Snapchat messages, SMS, etc.

Due to the advancements in technology, everything is becoming significantly more accessible. With the help of this amazing technology, you may check if your partner is loyal to you. 

Why Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Messages?

In this changing generation, people are changing their attitudes and lifestyle very rapidly. They want to spend their lives with their rules and regulations and don’t want to follow what the SSR say. This changed mindset has resulted in changes in relationships, bonding, privacy, etc. 

People doubt if their better half has an affair or want to know who their children are talking with.  Therefore, people who are into this situation tend to know about that person’s chats.

So, if you are curious to spy on your husband, wife, or child, you don’t have to search all over the internet for a solution. All you will need is an app called “Minspy.” This app lets you track the activities of your target remotely without them knowing about it. 

You can even spy on messages irrespective of WhatsApp messages, SMS, Snapchat messages, and whatnot. So before moving forward, let’s look into some excellent features offered by Minspy.

What is MinSpy?

Minspy is a popular spy app that allows you to track down any activity of a person via phone and PC. This app can be used without the awareness of the target user. The app supports both iOS and Android devices.

In order to use this app, you need to register yourself first and then install this app on your device and target device. Further, if you wonder if it is legal to use this type of app,n don’t worry. It is a 100% legal app. 

It preserves your privacy and doesn’t store your details, unlike other apps. There are many additional features offered by this app which we will discuss below. 

Now that you have an idea about Minspy, it’s time to see why we recommend this app in spite of multiple apps available on the internet.

Why Should You Choose Minspy?

Below are some of the reasons that will make you understand why you should use Minspy to track WhatsApp Messages:

Minspy has been featured on top media platforms like Android authority, Buzz Feed, and The Huffington Post.

It comes with some advanced features of geofence and SIM tracking.

It can be used from any location and from any device.

It’s a dedicated app and used in over 190+ countries.

Besides tracking WhatsApp messages, it can also track phone calls, pictures, videos, browser history, and much more.

It can be used in an employee’s phone, given that the company issues the phone. You can then track their movement and any other suspicious activity.

Let us elaborate on some of the best features of this app.

Snapchat Spy : 

Minspy also lets you spy on your partner’s Snapchat. Using the app, you can check the following details of Snapchat,

You can track all incoming & outgoing messages.

You can read deleted messages.

Easily find contact info and media files.



GPS Location Tracking:

This feature enables a person to track the location of the target person easily. All you have to do is install this app on that person’s phone and start its tracking services. Through this, you will be able to do the following:

It can track GPS and WI-FI based location activity.

You can view all the recently visited places along with the full address.

Also can take a closer look with Google’s integrated 3D street view.



Call Tracker: 

Are you in doubt who is the person on the other side whom your partner keeps on talking over the phone? If yes, they Minspy can help you find who that person is.

You will be able to track calls in the following ways,

Detect call details and check incoming and outgoing calls.

You can also access the time duration and timestamps.

It Can tell you about any frequent caller.

Track without root or jailbreak.



Geofence Alert:

This advanced feature makes it one of the most-used apps. This feature can help parents in taking care of their beloved even if they are not nearby.

Using this feature, you can create a zone on a map that sets up a boundary for the person your tracking. And, then by installing Minspy in your target’s phone, you can receive alerts every time they cross that boundary. Amazing right!

The Geofence feature allows you to do the following:

Create & manage more than one geofences on the map.

Receive alerts when your target person crosses over the boundary.

View the target phone real-time location.



How to Spy on Whatsapp Messages From Your PC or Phone

Now let us get onto the step-by-step process of how to spy on WhatsApp messages from your PC or phone.

There are three simple steps to spy on WhatsApp messages from a PC or phone.



Step 1: Sign up for Minspy on your phone using your email Id as your username. Also, register the same in the target individual phone.

Step 2: Follow the instructions and Install the app on your device as well as on the target device.

Step 3: At the end, start tracking the device from your phone or PC and read WhatsApp messages by logging into your online dashboard.



Once you have installed Minspy on your device and the target’s device, you will be benefiting from the following features:

Read their personal and group messages.

Check and read the media files they send or receive

View profile pictures and see their contact details

Easy access without root or jailbreak



By reading this article about how to spy on WhatsApp messages from your PC or Phone, we hope you’ve obtained valuable information. Using Minspy is super convenient and therefore, this app is being used by over one million people across the globe. 

We hope it will serve your purpose in the best way possible and get your desired information with ease. If you like the article and the information shared in this article, don’t hesitate to leave feedback.  Also, don’t forget to share our guide with people who might have similar plans to spy.

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